Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 4, 2011

Beef Wellington – Recipe

Joan’s World Famous (lol) “Beef Hastings” recipe.. Don’t be put off from trying this – it sounds complicated but it really isn’t..

300g eye fillet (the best you can afford)
300g brown mushrooms
200g flaky pastry (You can use shop bought if you can’t be fagged making your own)
1T Hot English Mustard – don’t omit this!
Salt & Pepper to taste
6 rashers of bacon. I used freedom farms thin sliced bacon and it was fine.. Esp for the piggies!
1 free range egg – beaten

Some hints to make this work well:

Have pastry chilled and the meat @room temperature.
Season the meat before you cook it! (And season it on all sides)
Preheat the oven to 210 deg. (Hot hot hot)
And have the rack in the centre of the oven.
It is best to also preheat the tray you are going to cook the meat on so the pastry cooks better.
I actually cooked this on a wire baking rack that I threw in on top of a flat pre heated tray.

Right, how to assemble this creation:

In a hot unoiled pan, cook the fillet for a few minutes, turning to ensure every side is sealed / caramelising. This took all of 3 mins with a 300g cut so keep it short and sweet! Take the meat out of the pan and brush it liberally with the mustard then set it aside to rest. It’s tired 😉

Meantime, blitz the mushrooms in a blender til they’re like a thick black paste. Re-heat the meat pan, throw the mushrooms in – no butter, no salt. Just the mushies.

Turn as they cook off. You wanna draw out the liquid in the mushrooms. Season with a little salt and pepper before removing from the pan.

Get some cling film and lay the bacon rashers down so they’re the same size as the pastry when it’s rolled out. I am sorry, that is a crappy explanation but it’s the best I could manage lol Spread the mushie mix over the bacon evenly.

Put the piece of beef at one end and roll it up into a tight ball. Use the cling film to make the roll, twisting the ends so its like a bow at both ends.. it should end up looking like a dog roll .. yummm 😉

Chill – 30 mins or so.

Roll out the pastry and wash the edges with the beaten egg. Don’t skimp: you need the “glue” here! 

Unravel the rolled meat and mushie mix and place on the edge of the pastry.
Roll into a beef wellington shape (see pic below) being careful to seal both ends well.

Brush liberally with remaining egg wash.
Score – use the back of a knife blade.

Place in the hot oven and bake til golden.

To Serve:

Slice and lay flat on a plate.

Slice it no thinner than 1 inch thick  (you will only get 2 serves out of this sized piece of meat)

Oh and I’d serve it with a thin dark gravy and mashed potatoes next time.. I think the mash lends itself better to the meat and pastry than roasted spuds did ..

Click here to view a pic of the finished product!




  1. Lol “1 free range egg, Beaten”


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