Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 4, 2011

Coffee Choc Pots – Recipe

One must offer up a heartfelt thanks to Gordon every time one embarks on this delicious “pudding” that is not only simple to make but tastes so good everyone will think you’re the most amazing cook ever! Give it a go on a day when you have a few million calories spare on your diet sheet 😉

PS this is great for those who love mousse type desserts but can’t / wont eat (raw) eggs!

100g chocolate – This is not the time to skimp, you must use good quality chocolate for this!
125g mascapone – Tatua farms make the best mascapone that I’ve ever used
2T caster sugar
1/3c strong espresso
150ml cream

Melt the chocolate and set aside to cool.

Beat the cream until soft peaks form.

Mix the mascapone and sugar together (I use a fork to do this..) then add the coffee and mix all together.

Lastly add the melted chocolate..

Fold the cream into the gooey mix and ladle into pretty serving dishes.

I find martini glasses are best – it looks good and it’s a nice sized serving. Cover with cling film and chill – ideally overnight. Make sure there’s nothing smelly in the fridge!

To serve:

Garnish with grated chocolate or mascerated berries or a mint leaf – anything really. Or just serve as is then sit back and wait for the compliments.
All hail the chef.

Seriously – if you ever need a good, fool proof recipe: get one of Gordon Ramsay’s!
NB: I have modified it a little over the few times I’ve made it – but it’s basically the same as the recipe in his Sunday Lunch cook book ..


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