Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 5, 2011

Leek & Potato soup – Recipe

I’ve noticed all the cafes changing their menus slowly as Autumn gets ready to hand over the reins to Winter .. Soon the soup season will be upon us!

Leeks are a vegetable I was scared of, as a child. That nearly invisible “skin” that is in between each layer had me in hospital, choking and they couldn’t see it under xray nor remove it easily. Was all very scary..

Actually, til the ambulance arrived and the nurses and Doctors looked anxious: I think Mum just thought I was trying to get out of eating her soup!

I’ve since “worked thru the fear” and love eating leeks, my all time fave is ‘melted’ leeks – I will post the recipe for that another time but they’re good as an addition to almost any soup or as the STAR in Leek and Potato soup.

You will need the following ingredients to make this delicious, hearty meal:

2 large leeks – sliced into 1/2cm rounds 

3 large potatoes – peeled and *diced into 1cm cubes (since everyone’s idea of large differs I guess I’d say use 3 tea-cups of spud and *actually in this instance: size doesn’t matter! After all, I used leftover mashed potatoes in my soup and it was fine! The ultimate goal is to have evenly cooked potatoes to go into the soup!

A bit of oil (I used olive but rice bran or any non-flavoured will be ok, i.e don’t use sesame or peanut oil) – I’d guess around 2T who measures? 😉

A knob of butter

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste – this means season it til you like it but do not omit entirely. Even if you’re trying to be a purist, it will need seasoning.
Why not leave off the salt and pepper once it’s served 😉

1-2c vegetable stock – or use water if you don’t have stock.

1/2c cream or milk – cream is best

Finely sliced parsley to garnish or if you wanna be fancy, caramelised leeks .. yummo!

A little extra cream for garnish or creme fraiche or plain old sour cream.. Creme fraiche is really just soured cream but slightly less sour. So if you want to save your pennies, use the cheaper option BUT do remember this: The nicer the ingredients, the nicer the end result. That said, some things are equally nice so why not use the cheaper option!

You will need a stick whiz or blender to make this soup.

On a med to low heat, cook the sliced leeks in a large fry pan. Use a little oil (1-2T) and a little butter to prevent the leeks sticking. Stir every now and then. You do not want ANY colour in the leeks, you want them glassy, soft and squishy looking. “Softened“, may be a better adjective?

Season with a little salt and pepper. I use white pepper so I don’t have black specks in the soup, up to you what you want to use.

If you have raw spuds – now is the time to cook them (cook in the stock you’ve got to put in the soup) til they are soft / cooked.

Chuck the cooked leeks into your soup pot, add the potatoes and stir.
Then add the stock.

Cook for 10 mins, (lid off) stirring often.

Remove from the heat, add the milk or cream then whisk with your stick whizz til it’s smooth and creamy.

At this point the soup is all but ready. Ideally, you’d have it on a slow low heat to simmer a good 15 mins or so longer, before serving..

And even better – same goes of almost all soups, stews and lasagne type meals: make it a day ahead.
The flavours go mad overnight 😉

Serve in heated bowls, along with crusty bread drizzled with olive oil. Or try my garlic bread.. So good!

Serves 2-4
Freezes fine (once cold).


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