Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 6, 2011

Deep Fried Mars Bars – Recipe

I’ve have heard of this pud and even eaten it in a restaurant once before .. but always figured it was a bit fiddly to bother making. I can now say that having made it myself it’s definitely going onto my “new fave pud” list!

Imagine if you will, gooey melting caramel, chewy nougat and dark chocolate – all dissolving inside a light crispy pastry.

Maybe dusted with icing sugar .. maybe served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream if you want to “lighten” the sweetness (or just cos you love ice cream!) 😉

But I digress .. How do we make this wicked treat?

Look no further:

Get a pkt of those mini-bars – I don’t think anyone could eat a normal sized one of these. Not without having a heart attack anyway lol

Pop them in the fridge so they are super hard.

Thaw a couple of sheets of ready bought flaky pastry. Roll them out so they’re a bit thinner ..

Encase each mars bar in the pastry and seal tightly so you have tiny little pastry parcels. Put back in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Heat some plain (I use rice bran) oil in a wok or use a deep fryer. Deep fryer would def be easier but I don’t have one!

Remember my trick to tell if the oil is ready – pop a chunk of bread in the oil when you turn it on to heat up. When the bread pops up and is cooked, the oil will be ready to use.

Cook the mars bars in batches of 2-3 at a time, depending on the size of your wok. Just remember, each addition cools the oil down – so don’t over crowd the wok.

When the pastry is golden brown and puffed up remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels. Serve immediately (if you can’t – stab a hole in the pastry with a knitting needle to allow steam to escape and slow the ‘sogginess’ factor down.

I think the reason these are served with icing sugar on them is cos they actually look bloody awful! But oh man they taste GOOD ..
Wickedly rich and decadent but so good..



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