Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 9, 2011

Creamy pesto mushrooms – Recipe

Omigoodness! OH MY GOODNESS! Yes this recipe deserves such an accolade! WOW! Another dish CJ asked me to work out was pesto mushrooms akin to those we had at Scorchorama yesterday.

To make a single serve of creamy pesto mushrooms you will need:

2c mushrooms of your choice – a mixture of swiss brown, button and portobello would be my preference but bear in mind I’m a bit of a mushroom wuss, so use whichever you prefer for this ..
1 small onion – sliced finely 
1 small clove garlic – finely minced
1/2c cream 
1D pesto
Oil and butter for frying – probably around 1T of each
Salt and pepper to season.

Heat a fry pan and add the oil + butter. On a med to low heat, soften the onions – you want them juicy and glassy, no colour.. Add the finely minced garlic and stir often so the garlic doesn’t burn and become unpalatable. Remove from the pan.

Add more oil and butter if needed then cook the mushrooms til they are starting to colour.. 5-7 mins tops.

Add the onions and garlic back into the pan, stir and slowly add the cream to the pan. Reduce the heat, simmering for a few minutes while the cream reduces into a creamy sauce. Add the pesto, stir then serve..

Tastes goooood!



  1. haha yes looks odd but we had this last week and it was gooooo-oood!


  2. Lol looks like brains. But tastes so good!


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