Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 14, 2011

Club sandwiches – Recipe

It’s got to be obvious to all who read my blog, that I love simple (some could even say: dull / boring) food. But I do think that sometimes we over complicate things and don’t actually get that much better an experience for all our trouble.

Sure, sometimes it’s fun to go all out and experiment and I love to do this now and then or go somewhere and order something very very different to what I’d make myself at home but other times I just want good food.

One of my favourite ‘bring a plate’ ideas is club sandwiches. There’s a few reasons:

1. It means I am guaranteed to have something yummy to eat that is vegetarian.
2. They’re inexpensive to make but look impressive if done right.
3. They’re always a hit and people love you for bringing something useful and tasty!

To be honest,  I have never ever measured how much of anything I use / need when making platters of club sammies but I have now just for this entry!

To make a large platter of sammies you will need:

4 loaves of white or wholemeal (not grainy /seedy) bread. Do not use budget bread! Go for mid-range, sandwich slice / thin bread. Budget bread is garbage.
100g soft butter
1/2c best foods mayo with 1t US style mustard mixed into it
2c mashed eggs
1 ice berg lettuce
10 large, ripe tomatoes
Salt and pepper

Wash the lettuce and dry thoroughly. Slice the tomatoes as thin as you can. Be sure to remove the sharp calex end. Mash 10 boiled eggs with 2T butter and 2T best foods mayo. Add some finely chopped parsley and season to taste.

Set up a work space to create the sammies. Eventually, you want to lay 1/3 of the bread down (the bottoms of the sammies, basically) so allow enough room to do that.

Initially, butter each slice of bread with a scant amt of the softened butter. Then spread mayo on each as well. Don’t over do it but do put butter and mayo on each slice.. it makes all the difference!

Ever had a dried up horrid club sammie? mmm .. me too .. gack!

Now lay 1/3 of the bread out on your bench. Divvy the egg mix up so an equal amt goes onto each slice. Spread it to the edges. Top each with a slice of bread and layer the thinly sliced tomatoes .. salt and pepper these.

Now add the washed and dry lettuce. (I don’t shred it, I tend to use whole leaves – easier to eat) Be sure to take the fillings to the edges / overlapping the crusts.
Don’t be mean here!

Stack the sandwiches 3 high .. so you have 9 slices of filled bread in a nice tidy pile. You want these as perfectly “stacked” as possible.

Get an electric knife and cut the crusts off.. Your local duck community will love you for this.. If you do not have an electric knife, don’t stack the sammies – instead use your sharpest serrated knife and cut them off one at a time.

Then slice them either into 3 (long ways) or into triangles.. This is a personal thing. I like both so it depends on my mood and the shape of the plate I want to use..!

Arrange on the platter and if you want to – garnish with flowers, parsley .. or whatever take your fancy!

Cover with cling film and chill if not being consumed within 6 hours.As these have no meat in them, they’re pretty safe to be left in a cool place … if you’re not in a hot climate!

Trust me, they sound TOO easy and simple but people love ’em!



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