Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 15, 2011

Easy Schnitzel – Recipe

Schnitzel when it’s on special is a reasonably good value meat meal and all you need to gussy it up a little is some cheese, ham & breadcrumbs..

The process sounds fiddly but it really isn’t, so don’t let the prep work description put you off!

To make sufficient for 2 people (i.e. 1 schnitzel each) you will need:

2 slices of schnitzel (per person)
1 free range egg
2 generous slices of cheese – any, I always have edam in the fridge and find it melts well but gruyere would be nice too
Ham – same amount as the cheese
1/2c white flour
1c bread crumbs (I usually use white but for no real reason .. so you could use wholemeal or gluten free bread whatever works for you)
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying – I use rice bran

Now comes the fun part. Get the schnitzel out and lay it between 2 pieces of clingfilm. Then bash it flat – you’re trying to create even sized (and thickness!) pieces of meat to work with here.

I use a rolling pin to do this but you could use a meat tenderiser if you have one..

Once done, get one of the schnitzel pieces (which should be about the size of a saucer or it looks bloody ‘orrible when served) and put a piece of cheese in the centre.

Add ham on top of the cheese then top the lot with the 2nd piece of meat. Don’t be afraid to trim it at this point – if it’ll make the job easier. The cat will enjoy the off cuts I am sure 😉

Press the ‘edges’ so it seals shut. This is actually a lot simpler to do than it sounds – the meat does actually compress together well.

Repeat, so you have 2 tidy meaty cheesy parcels. Chill these, while you set yourself with a bit of a production line cos now you have to dredge, dip and roll!

1. Whip the egg and put in a flattish plate
2. Put the seasoned flour into a flat plate
3. Put the seasoned crumbs into a flat plate

Get one of the parcels and dip it in the flour mix. Dust off any excess. Set aside and do the same to the 2nd one.

Dip one at a time in the beaten egg then coat evenly in the bread crumbs.

Cook in a little oil on a medium heat. You do not want the crumbs to burn before the cheese has melted inside! This should take approx. 5 mins (at the most) and that’s it ..

So, if I ever catch you thinking of buying something like this (see below) after I’ve posted this recipe I shall come and beat you to a pulp with my rolling pin!


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