Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 20, 2011

My food experiences this week..

Monday: Flew back from HB to Wgtn and what a day that was! Delay upon delay. Had lunch in the Koru Lounge. Blue cheese and crackers!

Dinner was better: Creator pizza + cajun wedges with garlic mayo. I like this arrangement: “the creator”. You get to choose your own toppings (and omigosh I’m onto a winner with this one!) Avocado, Caramelised onions, Spinach, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Cheese, Capsicums and (sorry I know this will upset everyone) Pineapple.

And a nice Hell’s pizza man brings it to my door so I don’t even have to leave my apt!

Tuesday: Pizza leftovers for lunch of course .. and for dinner well .. Crazy Horse Steakhouse sees me scoffing gorgeous nutty coleslaw, sweet pumpkin and kumara mash, triple fried chips .. and wine. Lots of wine. Then blue cheese and more wine .. with crackers .. for ‘pudding’.

Exceptional service from the fabulous (all male – what’s that about?) staff at the crazy horse – love it. This place is on my “MUST go again” list. It’s a short list, I must admit.. so exciting to add something to it!+

Wednesday: I decide to dine in. At home. Yes – I know. Scary. I toddle (hop?) off to New World and purchase 1 lettuce*, some tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cheese and bread. Make myself some delicious salad sammies .. eaten along with some equally as delish HB red vino.

Thursday: Had lunch at Ti Kouka, love that place! OMG yum food and great coffee too. I had the Vege turkish bread and some of their world famous chips.

For dinner tho, tis time to try somewhere new. More scary than the salad sammie at home – isn’t it! I went to Vivo .. What a lovely little hideaway this place was. Wow! This one goes on the “must go back, and soon” list! Had arancini and rocket. DIVINE! I’m hooked..

Friday: Had a wine at Ti Kouka this arvo. Love the staff there – Yona (Welsh so no idea how to spell it) and Fiona – lovely ladies. And the guy behind the bar, don’t know his name but he knew mine. How does that work? *grin* Either way it works .. they’re a good bunch – go there, if you haven’t already.

Dinner tonight is fush & chups up Brooklyn Hill. Should be fun … And the classic Friday night dinner too!

All in all a good food week, if I do say so myself! Wonder what the weekend holds .. (Apart from the world ending of course .. hmm my last supper – what should it be, I wonder?) ..

*More on the lettuce later!
+More on the list later too!


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