Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 22, 2011

Refund @ check out 7, please!

So last week, for the 1st time in my life – I returned something to the supermarket and requested my money back!  And I must say, this mission was highly successful .. for more than 1 reason..

1) I got my money back .. Let’s face it, you do get into a bit of a panic wondering if they’ll challenge you and say “No, we won’t refund you”! Don’t you? Heck, I did!

2) Not only did I get my money back, I got twice what I paid for the product I returned .. Score!

#3 is most exciting…

3) I actually kept the receipt that enabled me to get the refund!

Come onnnn, who keeps receipts? I usually hand it back or just refuse to take it when they try to pass it to me .. Fill their bin up, not mine.. that sort of thing. For some reason, that day I kept the receipt.

Bloody glad I did too cos the %$#@! thing was $3 and all I managed to get was enough for 1 small dinner of salad sandwiches – the rest was pure rot. And what was bizarre is how gorgeous the lettuce (incl the stem) looked on the outside.

Which takes me nicely back to my loathing of pre-bagged veges but we won’t go there, I’m well aware it’s 9am and I’m in need of my morning coffee fix.. 😉



  1. That is expensive! In South Africa a lettuce is R11 which is about $1.55 and we complain. I have returned expensive electrical appliances but if a lettuce is rotten we usually chuck it in the bin. As long as you have a receipt our big supermarkets always give a refund it is the small private businesses which are difficult.


  2. I agree with your thoughts on pre-bagged fruit and veges. They are usually past their use by date.


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