Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 24, 2011

Fat free Banana Sorbet – Recipe

This one time, in Auckland .. many years ago – a delightful dinner party was held. Great company, gorgeous food, wine, fun and laughter.. Best yet, I just got to sit back and enjoy – cos I was the guest not the host. It was lovely and I well remember it.

One other thing I well remember was harassing the lovely Kirsty Flowers over her fave dessert. Or a dessert she mentioned to me, if not a fave. I don’t think I made her cry but I was pretty mean.. And I meant it. It sounded hideous.. Really.

Now IN MY DEFENCE – I do not much like bananas. I also am not really a sorbet fan. So when she suggests banana sorbet you can perhaps imagine my less than enthusiastic response.

However it was really yummy! So, to make this delicious and light (low fat / low sugar) dessert all you need is:

3 bananas.
1 blender.


OK there is a bit more to it but not really ..

Freeze 3 beautifully ripe (to your taste) bananas for at least 24 hours before you want this dessert. You don’t even need to peel them .. biff ’em in the the freezer whole.

Just before you want to serve, peel and blitz the bananas in your blender. They go smooth and creamy like ice cream but with a light, lovely taste sensation going on.

Not too banana-y either. Which appeals to me no end 😉

Serve in chilled dishes immediately.

Thanks Kirsty 🙂


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