Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 24, 2011

Sausage rolls – Recipe

So I have a few sausage roll recipes I tend to use, but in the interests of continuing my “simple is good” mantra – here’s my all time fave simple sausage roll recipe. It even involves (gasp) bought pastry ..

1 pkt ready rolled flaky pastry sheets.

700g sausage meat. I know .. gross but it works.. trust me!
10 sage leaves – fresh, ideally. If you don’t have them. Omit. But they are kinda good, I’m told.
Salt and pepper – maybe 3/4t of each.
1/2c breadcrumbs (or maybe buy sage and onion breadcrumb stuffing mix?? shhh)
1 egg – beaten
1 very finely diced onion (ideally, a scallion / spring onion) Yes, incl the greenery.
1/2c grated parmesan – optional. Completely ..

+ 1 egg – for sealing the rolls

Cut up the sage and onions, beat the egg, put all ingreds into a bowl – except the pastry (Just thaw the pastry and set it to one side..) Oh and pre heat your oven to 200 degs. 

Line a baking tray with baking paper or just grease well.. up to you.

Smoosh all the ingreds together til well combined. Chuck in the fridge while you deal to the pastry sheets.

On a well floured bench, roll the pastry sheets out a bit more .. I imagine less is best, you want meaty puffy pastry filled yumminess, yes? I know when I make these, I roll them out way more cos I figure you want pastry but really, you want meaty guff too.

Get the pastry sheets and cut up as per the pic. Some might suggest you slather a roll of meat on the pastry but I think it’s best to create individual rolls as per the pic.

Be sure to smear a little egg wash on one side of each piece of pastry to help seal them up!

Brush beaten egg over the rolls and bake til golden. Takes all of 14 mins on avg..




  1. These are great thanks Joan I made them last week and everyone loved them!


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