Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 27, 2011

Sweet potato (Kumara) Couscous – Recipe

This dish is one I use as a warm salad in cooler weather (a good cheap “take a plate” dish if ever there was one! And everyone likes it!) or as a hot dish with a rich meaty stew (tagine, if you want to be proper) too ..It’s just so simple but tasty. And really is one of my fave ways to serve couscous.

You’ve already seen my couscous recipe which means I can rock into making it beyond delicious – 0 tolerance for bland, healthy food. Why not make it tasty!?
Cook the couscous as per above. Once it’s on the ‘rest’ stage, prepare the remainder of the dish.

Soak 1c currants overnight in the juice of 1 large orange. Zest that same orange cos we’ll use it later on in the recipe. PS Zest it then juice it – just so much easier..

In a pan, slowly roast up 1c of finely cubed (no greater than 1cm) kumara (sweet potato) or pumpkin .. I think kumara works best .. use good quality olive oil and be generous with the salt and pepper whilst frying .. slow roasting is good .. so allow an hour for this bit .. med heat, we want it to hold it’s shape but be caramelised beautifully.

Add the orange zest (skin / rind) to the pan once the kumara is tender then drain the OJ off the currants into the pan and cook for a further 10 mins. This should be quite sticky, by now. 

Sprinkle 1/2 t nutmeg (ideally fresh) on top and stir. Set aside. Do not put the currants in yet ..

In a small pan, roast off some slivered almonds in a little oil. We do not want any more colour than “golden”. Set aside for garnish.

In a large bowl, mix the couscous with the kumara and currants. Add 6T best quality olive oil, a little rock salt and lashings of fresh ground black pepper. If you happen to have a spare orange laying about, zest the skin into the dish, it’s so good ..

Drizzle 4T your fave olive oil over the lot. Garnish with the almonds and … you’re ready to serve!

The whole dried fruit / vege thing took me a bit to get used to but gosh it works .. esp with the citrus!



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