Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 29, 2011

Wellywood – We hateses it!

So unless you live under a rock, you’ll have heard about the silly notion of having an exact replica of the “Hollywood” sign (oh except ours will say “Wellywood”, of course) on the hill beside the airport here in Wellington.

The hype has been phenomenal since the idea reared it’s very ugly head again recently ..

There’s talk it may actually be a breach of copyright… Go figure, pretty sure most people would have realised that. But moreso, it offends many of the people (incl those working in the film industry) living here in Wellington. For a variety of reasons it seems.

Oh sure, some are ambivalent. Some even claim to like it..I bet they also like brussel sprouts and polyester suits. Others loathe it. I think tis fair to say I fall into the loathe it category.

It seems lacking in originality and a little ‘try-hard’..

My personal preference is we go with “WALLYWOOD” (cos that’s how Wellington is going to look if this dumb idea goes ahead..)

I suppose, if nothing else it’s raised the visibility of Wellington .. (let’s hope that the “no such thing as bad publicity” is right!) cos around the world this silly sign is making headlines.

New York Times Article
LA Times Article
Australian Articles abound
Italy (yes even Italy has covered it!) Article
Saudi Arabia Article 
UK Article – Love the quote: “Lord of the Cringe”

But I dunno, I am kinda embarassed to be known around the world as that lovely liddle city in Noo Zild, where they tried to steal the idea of someone else’s sign.

If we are indeed the creative capital that so many bang on about – why the heck not dream up a sign that promotes us in our own unique way?

I mean heck, why not plonk a giant weta on the hillside? At least it would generate enquiry. “Why do ya’ll have a bug on your hillside“.. Hmm.. maybe not? lol..

How many more silly ideas like this do you suppose will come bubbling to the surface as we prepare for the Rugby World Cup? Ugh doesn’t bear thinking about ..

Turns out even Hitler isn’t excited   <– check him out on You tube .. There’s some creative people out there .. maybe get THEM to come up with the right sign for us 🙂



  1. Is this meant to be a piss take or are they seriously thinking it’s a good idea to have this copy-cat sign? I’m confused, too many different stories none of which say the same thing. For example: Peter Jackson apparently wants it but it has to be identical in scale and everything to mock the Hollywood one, is one article I saw. Surely that isn’t right??


  2. What’s wrong with a sign? I think it’s a good idea


  3. ha ha – very good! You are so right. The sign is a shocker of an idea!


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