Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 4, 2011

God save the Queen

It’s the Queen’s birthday weekend here in New Zealand right as I type this .. It’s not actually her birthday, that was back in April and ironically, it’s her hubby’s birthday but anyway who needs logic when you rule the world? Or something like that anyway ..

So for no particular reason, I decided to google “Queen Elizabeth II laughing”, just now.

Somewhat disturbingly, google returned a pic of a pomeranian dog, a cartoon of a naked queen with Kate Middleton holding a gun to her head, a pic of the queen in a fur coat looking glum (Lizzy, not the coat).

Then there was a pic of Prince Willy, in a flak jacket. A pic of the happy couple (Queen and Phillip) on their wedding day .. But most disturbing of all .. ? The first pic it returned was this one:

Who’s gaga over whom?

PS Page 3, finally there’s one pic of the queen laughing .. hmm .. for all it’s ‘supposed’ benefits, being queenly strikes me as far too much like hard work..



  1. Fun one!


  2. She may rule the world, but she don’t rule TEXAS(G)


    • Ain’t no one rule that thar place, Mr W .. grins ..


    • LMAO! Aint no one rulz Texas but Texans 😉


  3. Hahaha I love this post Joan! Really funny. When the Queen Mother died I wanted to put a message on her remembrance page or whatever it was called but i wasn’t sure where to find it… so instead of googling it, I just went and believe me, it wasn’t the Queen or the Queen Mother that I saw and I gathered the Queen Mother didn’t pole dance or whatever – I didn’t leave the site open long enough to see whatever else – whew! I can’t even remember if I ended up finding the correct site or leaving messages anywhere!!!!!! Thank God for google and I have used it ever since! Guesswork isn’t always good! Hahahahahaha!


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