Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 7, 2011

My bucket list

Ever since the movie, bucket lists seem “fashionable” these days. Now tis fair to say that my brother has always been the ‘spontaneous’ one of the family. Doing things some of us would go “gosh” or wonder at .. Well, he was, til recently but we won’t go there lol.. Me, I’m a little more measured (a nice euphamism for dull as shit, I know) in my approach to life, it seems.

I don’t tend to think myself out of doing too many things but I have managed to think myself out of some of the more stupid things. So I do not have a tattoo of my 1st boyfriend’s name anywhere on my personage. Nor did I ever get a mullet .. for all that they were frightfully trendy at some point in my life. We won’t talk about the DA I DID fall prey to in 1985 tho, k.

I did wear leg warmers and what a ghastly er, colourful deal they were! A colour palette threw up on my legs, nuff said. I did not get my ears pierced (’til I was in my 20’s & was given some gorgeous gold earrings and kinda had to!) nor did I get anything else *wince* ever pierced..

It wasn’t til recently I realised that whilst I’d done a bunch of things I had no bucket list .. Now let’s be clear .. this didn’t concern me overly, I mean heck: I’d given birth. Vile experience that it was, I survived and so did whatsername..

I’d been married. Wedded bliss didn’t pan out to be all that I’d imagined.. so I can throw divorced onto the list of things I’d done too.

I’ve thrown up under the Auckland harbour bridge. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Crossed the Golden Gate bridge. Stood on a bar counter on New Year’s eve and used a super soaker.. Yes, at the same time.

I’ve walked barefoot in the sand on more than 10 South Pacific Islands. I’ve flown business class. I’ve ridden on a public road in the bucket of a front end loader. I’ve sailed a 54ft yacht. I’ve seen an eclipse.

I’ve killed something. I’ve saved something from being killed.

As a teen, I saved a building from being demolished. It’s now an historic places trust building. I’ve chained myself to a ship in protest at something or other. (The 80’s were fun) I’ve slapped a policeman, I’ve been fingerprinted (go figure!). I’ve been to the top of NZ and to the bottom as well.

I’ve knitted a scarf (and learned that picking up multiple stitches doesn’t make it faster, it makes it narrower .. doh!) I’ve made a ballgown. For some reason, I’ve made a pillowslip too.

Yep, I’ve done a bunch of things.

I’ve been paid reasonably sums of money to do jobs and been paid an utter pittance to do jobs. My lowest pay rate that I remember is $1.99 per hour. I worked for what was then “LD Nathans” on weekends, and thought I was rich every pay day lol.. 

While we’re on shitty jobs, I’ve packed soup into cartons, picked berries, cooked for 12 hours or more a day, weeded gardens,  nursed people, QA’d socks (mm!). 

I’ve been head hunted, I’ve been promoted. I’ve loved jobs and hated jobs. I’ve even been fired*…*Only once, mind 😉

On a slightly different note, I can make a faultless souffle. But not a Christmas cake.. I can ride a motorcycle, forklift, car, bus and truck. But I can’t roller skate. I can speak multiple languages (badly, now!) but none have ever been useful in my career.

Oh no, I lie. One time @ work, back in 1987 a girl asked me a question and I was able to answer her auf Deutsche, after recognising her accent. She wanted to know where the public loo was..

So, anyway – I plan on making a bucket list, I’ve decided..

What do you suppose I should put on it?
What’s on yours?



  1. You need to do a bungy jump or a sky dive, or both. Still on my bucket list after just crossing off “participate in a rodeo” is “fly a plane”.


    • Uh, yeah – now how did the rodeo thing work out again? Go to your room young lady, you’re grounded!! Sheesh!@ bungy. I said I want to make a bucket list, not KICK THE BUCKET!


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