Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 4, 2011

Dinner is served!

So just before 5 tonight I’m settled into my comfy couch, wine in hand.. watching an all time fave movie (Steel Magnolias) and I get a phone call asking if I can ‘sub in’ cooking at Ronald McDonald House for someone @ work who is unable to do it tonight.

Of course, I said yes. Let’s face it: feed sick & stressed out people or watch TV – not a hard decision to make.

As Peggy and I threw food together at high speed, I observed many things:

Rag tag kids running around watching but avoiding us strangers in the kitchen.

There was the earnest, cute kid who’s family is being torn about with cancer, keen to help out .. Anything to not be in her head, perhaps?

Surprisingly, the place was as grotty as all hell. But I’m told this is a temporary measure.

Not surprising, was the amount of potential waste and inefficiencies that just seem to come with charity.

Interesting to see the trust in place. Lockers (unlocked) with different family’s food supplies in them. Shared fridges. Shared freezers. The place had a lot of very good resources actually ..

All that aside, omg I have to say – I hope I never have to rely on somewhere like that in a time of need.. Yikes..



  1. At a time in need we do go and stay in some places we wouldn’t normally do. Try Womens’ Refuge for instance! Hope I never have to go back there again. However at my time in need, it was somewhere to hide. Some of my family have had to stay in Ronald McDonald house in Auckland and I am pretty sure that that was pretty good. My grandson was in Starship and I guess the accommodation was the last thing they worried about. Hopefully when the Wellington RM House is rebuilt, it will have a lot better standard all round. It certainly sounds horrible at present.


  2. I admire your call to duty. Not pleasant at times, but always rewarding.


    • Yeah I don’t mind that sort of charity work James .. it was ‘fun’ in a way. I could do that sort of thing for a full time job quite happily, as I like helping people / feeding people but yeah the pay isn’t enough I’m sure!


  3. So what exactly is Ronald McDonald’s House and why did they need you to cook for them?


    • It’s a place where families “live” while they deal with cancer or illness I believe? Public Trust sponsor it by way of money if staff will do the work .. like tonight .. So you get people who’re living in these dorm type places, from out of Wgtn while their family are in hospital .. good concept..


    • it’s a charitable organisation which houses families with sick kids, Catherine. And businesses can donate money or time (or in Public Trust’s case both!) Staff go cook and PT pay for the food ..


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