Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 13, 2011

With this rosemary, I thee wed

Now I could be a tad cynical so I am told, but as far as matches made in heaven, could rosemary & potato be the one? 

For lunch today I cooked myself a heavenly but simple dish of cubed agria potatoes with lashings of onions, garlic and rosemary – all cooked in my wok in a reasonable amount of olive oil (not extra virgin, that’s just wasteful) seasoned with appropriate amounts of black pepper and salt.

It was deeeelish!

As I scoffed it down with some wholemeal bread and danish butter (air miles be damned, NZ butter sucks most of the time!) I found myself thinking about food combinations.

What others are there, that come to mind when you think “heavenly blends”?

Pancakes and maple syrup!
Crepes with lemon juice and sugar..
Lamb and garlic!
Scones with jam and cream.
Kumara with garlic aioli!
Beef with yorkshire puddings..
Avocado with vogel toast!
Marmite and Lettuce..

The list could SO go on ..
What are your faves?


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