Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 21, 2011

I know why you can’t bake!

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me why my cooking always looked “proper” (this was closely followed by the words “I hate you” but we won’t dwell on that..) I neglected to tell her about the times I’d made things that were total & utter failures..

But it did get me to thinking about the number of times I’ve had people say to me “I cannot cook, I follow the recipes and they never seem to work out“.

So I googled “best ever recipes” and spent some time trawling “best ever” (surprisingly!) recipes.. One of them was the blueberry muffin recipe I mentioned earlier in this blog.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I don’t follow recipes helluva well.. I read a recipe and then go “mm cool, I’ll make this .. ” and I do what I think will work. Instinctively? Dunno.. Could just be 100yrs of cooking 😉

As you can imagine, that made cooking the “best ever muffins” quite traumatic today cos I got to ingredient #3 (oil) and was thinking “this isn’t enough”.. but I talked myself into doing as planned and kept on with the cooking using the recipe thing .. blargh.

The end resulting muffins looked ok … and truthfully they tasted OK.

But yeah ..

The recipe said cook for 20 mins tops at 200 degs. I tested the muffins @20 minutes and chose to leave them in to continue cooking – cos they were bloody soggy inside – for 38 minutes. AND I had to adjust the heat to ensure they didn’t burn outside and be bleh inside.

They were not moist. They weren’t ‘dry’  but they were not amazingly moist nor “best ever” as the recipe implied. Implied? My arse. It STATED unequivocally. Best ever bloob muffins. SO not so.

So .. with this experience behind me .. I have decided to take up the mission!

Anytime I want to make something, I am going to google “best ever X” and make it. I may elect to pick one of the top 3 best ever options but I plan on doing this right!

I will then tell you how it works. And then give you my edited recipe if necessary ..

Will be interesting to see how many times the recipes just don’t ‘do it’.

Wish me luck!


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