Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 23, 2011

Roast Veg w/Haloumi – Recipe

A quick, delicious Winter lunch, I love this dish. And of course it’s vegetarian so if you get any of those pesky vego types coming for a meal – you can whip this up and know everyone will be satisfied with their meal!

I’ve played around with a few dressings and in this case am suggesting a caper and lemon one to stay with our Winter time / seasonal produce theme.

To serve 4, all you need is:

1kg sweet pumpkin, one that won’t moosh when cooked – peeled
6 baby beetroot – peeled if ness
2 large red peppers (yeah hardly Winter but they are so good!)
1 large gold or orange kumara or 2 small parsnips – peeled
2 small onions – peeled
Extra virgin olive oil (for serving)
1T chopped rosemary (fresh is best)
1 pkt haloumi – sliced into 8 equal sized portions
2T butter & 1t rice bran oil


5T extra virgin olive oil
Finely grated skin of one lemon
2T lemon juice
2T drained capers – finely minced
1/2t salt (adjust to taste)
1/2t dijon mustard

Prep then cut the vegetables into equal sized pieces, quite small. Make the pieces of those that cook faster a bit bigger so they don’t over cook.  Place in a bowl or bag, pour in olive oil and the rosemary. Moosh around to coat all the veges in the oil.

Roast in a 200 deg (fan bake) oven for probably around an hour, til tender. The beetroot may discolour the veges but don’t panic, it’ll taste great!

In the last few minutes of vege-cooking time  cook the haloumi on both sides in the butter and oil mixture: a non-stick pan is helpful here. The haloumi should be a gorgeous golden colour.

Quickly whisk the dressing ingredient together.

Arrange the roast veges on individual plates or a platter for self help – arrange the haloumi and then drizzle the dressing over the lot just before serving.

PS Lemnos is the only brand of Haloumi I’ve really found works every time for me, but if you can’t get it – try Zany Zeus, theirs tastes good I just find it a bit soft.


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