Posted by: Joan Spiller | July 28, 2011

Fond farewells – Recipe

So I’ve been at my current role for a year & a bit now, here in Wellington. I was hired on contract for 12 weeks initially .. some 55wks later they’re still trying to get rid of me *grin*

But tomorrow is a red letter day for me and a lot of people – my Manager is leaving.

It’s a big day cos I, for one – will miss him. But it’s also a big day cos we’re having a special morning tea farewell party!

See now this guy is oft teased by me for wearing pink. He’s very “elegant” / trendy .. metro, maybe? And so I’ve organised a few things to traumatise him on his last day!

Tomorrow morning, I am heading into work around 5am. I will be covering his desk with pink feathers. Pink string in a can. Pink glitter. Oh and there’s a few other things too ..

I have a pink “welcome” matt for our pod area. There’s 2 dozen pink balloons. Pink platters for the morning tea. Pink napkins. Pink plastic cups. I am about to make a few dozen metres of pink criss cross crepe paper streamers. I know – I need to get out more 😉

I also have pink spectacles, pink masks, pink wigs, pink hats, pink nail polish, pink food .. oh yeah the pink food heh ..

It’s gonna be a fun morning if a tad busy. I will have 2 hours to trash his desk before he arrives .. then I have to run off and buy his farewell pressie and then head back for the pink morning tea .. watch out for pics of those later.

Suffice to say pink shortbread, pink lolly cake, pink rum balls (from me) and loads more from the others at work .. it’s gonna be PINK!

And then there’s after work (3 ish!) drinks ..

Yeah so maybe no pics of that lol




  1. i love it how you say you’ll be in at 5am and that you’ll have 2 hours to trash his desk before he arrives…like martin arrives at 7am on his last day.

    awesome work.


  2. Love how you framed this picture!


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