Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 2, 2011

hi I’m Joan – yes, the crazy pigeon lady

A good friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous cos she scares me and knows where I live!) teased me for having 2 cats and a pigeon here in my downtown Wgtn apartment yesterday.

So I’m in the market for a new friend if anyone’s keen?

I vaguely had this notion when I leased this very lovely apartment, that I might like to go elegant, classy – I think I even threw around “shabby chic” and the word “french” a time or two whilst shopping.

I shoulda just stuck with shabby. One can’t do elegant and pigeon. One can’t do chic and kitty litter.

This is a constant issue for me – the need to have pests oops pets. But to me, there is something about a home with animals in it that I find quite “nice”.

I remember going a couple of years without any pets, as part of a saving money thing, post the ex husband – and then one day seeing a cat on a windowsill on Kennedy Rd, Napier.

Next thing I was at the SPCA picking out my next moggy.

I’ve not had any gaps since. Sure, they shed fur and scratch furniture and can be needy and demanding and they cost more than they ever give back .. Or do they?

I always find they’re good company and sometimes it’s good to have something ‘need’ you on those days when you just feel it’s all a bit much.

The pigeon on the other hand – well, she’s just a menace.
But I love her to bits..

In preparation for her being an outside pigeon, I’ve given her “yard” time every day in the bathroom. (Easier cleaning, nuff said?)

She’s quite clever – she gets up on the shower door and flaps without taking off. As tho she needs to stretch and work her wings, cool huh? OK if you’re one of those “pigeons are just rats with wings” people, you may not agree. Go away.

Kookoo – for those not in the know – has been hand reared from a very young age by me ever since someone took her into Marineland, Napier – she had a broken ankle.

Gary McDonald gently told my daughter (who worked there) that rats with wings (ok I’m paraphrasing) were not meant to be housed at Marineland and that she should euthenase said rat.

CJ did exactly what I’d have done in her situation: ignored her boss and bought the crippled bird home to Mommy!

KK was raised in the living room, in a large cage. She spent her days healing, crapping and eating under the watchful eyes of 4 cats and Titan who decided she was a dobermann that could fly.

I well recall the moment I let her go outside, wondering if she’d fly away but her only mission in life from that point on was to work out which window was open so she could get back inside to her “home” – the lounge.

Which should have been a warning to me when I was thinking about her here in my new apartment but I didn’t even give it a thought. You see my theory was I’d put her in the window of the apt so she could see out.

Then on warm days (according to my master plan) I thought I’d put her cage outside on the balcony so she’d be able to eyeball her surrounds. And that way when I release her in a few months time – she’ll know this is her patch.

Sounds like a good plan right?

Slight problem = the bathroom training regime!

You see, yesterday I was home all day so I decided to let her have a fly around the entire apartment. I was trotting along under / behind her, carrying carpet cleaner and cloths, praying she had the pigeon equivalent of constipation.

I need not have worried..

She did a couple of loops of the room as tho sorting out her bearings then flew down the hallway and into the bathroom where she roosted on the bloody shower door looking very contented. The bloody bird has “homed” to my bathroom! ARGH!!

Next pet I am gonna get is a turtle. No wait. Done that.. Fine: A goldfish. Surely nothing can be complicated about 2 goldfish in a bowl?



  1. So I’m guessing she isn’t going to take too kindly to being let loose in the big bad ugly skies of Wellington when the time comes??!


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