Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 4, 2011

Too poor to eat ..

So I’m told there is a group of people on this planet who forage for their food in various places such as bins outside cafes / restaurants, as well as parks and places that grow produce. Don’t believe me? Try and Find your free food here

When I was a young solo Mum, I was one of those ‘too poor to eat’ types for awhile. I had no money left at the end of each fortnight and we didn’t do any luxuries.. we did survival.

Holidays? Yeah right .. Heck, I didn’t drink coffee, alcohol (I know!) Let alone have a holiday somewhere cool. Or even somewhere uncool.

We never had juice. We didn’t have fizzies. Nor lollies,  no junk.. it was just too expensive!

CJ will tell you – I made all her meals, including the “junk food” .. home made chippies, home made snacks. Slices and muffins.. things I could make cheaply so she didn’t go (or know she was going) without.

I wonder if she remembers the week we ate marmite and lettuce sandwiches 3 nights in a row cos all I could afford was 1 loaf of bread, some lettuce & white rice?
(I made rice pudding with water – omg foul lol)

I bet she will remember, buI reckon she’ll only recall cos we had dinner @ Frimley rose gardens 1 night. At the cemetary another (hey it had park-like surrounds!) and at the beach another ..

Anyway I may be the reason you now cannot pick lettuce scraps (for your rabbit or guinea pig) out of the bins in the supermarkets cos I’d grab big bags of the stuff and pick it over thoroughly, wash and use it quite cheerfully at home lol I tell ya, the excitement when I found a carrot or a few beans? Unbeatable 😉



  1. Nice post Joan. Good to know someone else’s been there too.


    • Been there / hated it / vowed never to go there again 😉


  2. Yeah, even reading the article I cringe.


  3. Love the comic! I didn’t know about it until last week when this was published in our daily student paper, Crazy, but great details and the article makes dumpster diving understandable.


    • I’ve heard of it before, but am not sure it’ll catch on *grin* I dislike waste but mmm just somehow it’s not doing it for me lol


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