Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 18, 2011

Batshitbars – Recipe

So CJ rocks into Wgtn last week and says “Mum, I’m off sugar and junk food.. hello” .. brat.. ! She bought with her a recipe for this “stuff” asking me to make her some.. I’ve amended it slightly (as one does) and I’ve got to say for all that I wanna hate it – I think it’s gonna be omg-delicious!

1c sesame seeds
1c sunflower seeds
1c pumpkin kernels
1/2c ground almonds
1c coconut flakes
1c chopped dried cherries – soak in juice over night
1c honey roasted peanuts
1c chopped pecans
1c chopped almonds

200g butter
1/2c honey
1/2c brown sugar
2T golden syrup

NOW comes the tedious bit..

Roast all the dry ingredients, one ingredient at a time .. cos they cook at a different speed. I did ours in a cast iron (dry) pan and as they would brown up, I’d remove and do the next batch..

FYI I roasted the ingredients whole then chopped when cooler…

Melt the sugars, butter and syrup together .. then mix the lot and press into a wax-paper lined tray.

Allow to cool and slice .. !

Yep, that’s it. NO cooking ..




  1. Is that name “Batshitbars” a 3 syllable word?


    • Don’t make me come over there and bat you around Mr W! 🙂


  2. So is it birdshit or batshit > LOL
    Looks.sounds yummy whatever its called


    • Apparently it’s “Birdseed” as per the recipe CJ has .. but I prefer my name *grin* It is tasty but just a bit fiddly to make.. expensive too with nut prices being what they are here in NZ!


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