Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 20, 2011

Best ever garlic bread..?

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a food fiend, oops fanatic (which is worse?) .. but anyway … What’s not to like!? Really? 😉 It amuses me (sometimes..) when people criticise me for criticising bad food.. but we won’t dwell on that (maybe in another post? Heh!) 

Suffice to say, I won’t tolerate bad food .. And I hate that so many people do!

Anyway rant over, last week I was clever enough to wander into Moore Wilsons and there was a wee bit of a ‘taste Wellington’ event going on. I probably should have suspected as much when I walked out of my apartment and saw Ruth Pretty pottering about in the test kitchen across the road huh!

Although it was cold and wet, I wandered through the various stalls and was lucky enough to stop at the stand offering hand made garlic (and other!) breads.

I say lucky cos I’ve seen this product in the chiller in store a time or two but always been too scared to buy it cos in my experience, garlic bread is so often a disappointment.

May we all stop right now and say OMG YUM!

I dragged CJ over a few hours later when she’d woken up and forced her to try some (it was pre-breakfast, so it was a tad mean lol) her reaction told me to buy 3 packets and we’ve spent far too much time carbo-loading this week as a result 😉

What’s so gutting is I’ve seen this bread in the fridge at Moore Wilson’s a time or two but never bought it because it just seemed .. weird .. you know: par-baked bread, in the fridge etc

NOW I know better and this is my new party trick! No more faffing around with expensive bread, garlic and butter – these fabulous people have done all the work for us! Try it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

So yeah, if you will excuse me, I am off to have some hot garlic bread for dinner ..



  1. I’ve read through this twice and I still don’t know the name/brand of the garlic bread. Is it just me?


    • James it should show as a link – but maybe it wasn’t clear, I’ll change it thanks for letting me know 🙂

      This bread has rosemary, fresh garlic and parsley in it as well as fresh butter, it’s quite divine!


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