Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 25, 2011

Scones – Recipe

I’ve already posted my recipe for scones but today’s batch are a bit experi-mental and they turned out great so I wanted to share..

Some have mustard and cream in them.. They’re for Pod Peter. He threw a tanty cos I didn’t make them yesterday as I hinted I might.. Mix together some dijon mustard with some cream, to a paste. Schmear on top of the scone and then grate cheese on top of that. Yum.

Some have pesto inside them. On top never works. It blackens as it cooks and looks bloody ‘orrible. So, these are rolled up then sliced so they’re almost a bit like a pinwheel only not so flash.. They’re mine.. I am not sharing.. Truly, I think I could live on pesto..

Some have blue cheese in them. They’re for Warwick. He put in a request the other day and I only have 2 more days to deliver, so today it is! A heavenly danish blue daubed on top and into the centre. They’re looking (and smelling!) mighty fine.

Others are cheesy without any other flavourings added – cos Mark hates mustard.. Altho he wanted plain .. shoot. I forgot..


Of course there’s plain ol’ plain ones, which we will slather in 3-berry jam and whipped mascarpone. Mark wanted those..

It’s going to be a good workshop, everyone will turn up if nothing else to eat their scones 😉

And now I better scoot to work. Had to call a taxi to carry all the containers (and me!) today. I’m meant to be clearing my desk but each day more and more stuff ends up on it lol


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