Posted by: Joan Spiller | August 28, 2011

Koo Koo – The (my) pigeon

It’s dusk here in Wellington. 5.50pm. A cool but not freezing night is ahead. I’m looking out my windows every few seconds and all I can see is birds flying frantically for ‘home base’ as they do around this time.

I’m gazing out my windows mostly cos my pigeon is out there somewhere : (

Koo Koo is a pain in the ass..

She’s been my “pet” pigeon for some years now .. ever since CJ came home with this tatty looking lil feathery thing with a broken leg saying “Mu-uumm, they were going to kill it”..

It’d been dropped into Marineland and was very tragic looking. Nuff said, this schmuck took it in.

KK has ruled the roost ever since.

First in Hawke’s Bay and now in Wellington here with me where she’s lived for a couple of months.

As I type this, she’s gone missing in action. She wandered out onto the balcony to have a mooch, earlier today. I was training her to get used to being in a new home. But she got spooked by 2 birds landing on the edge of the balcony. She flew away and hasn’t come back.

OK not entirely true. She came back after a few mins of flying around, landed next door and sat watching me then got spooked by 2 black back gulls and I haven’t seen her since.

As I type this I’m crying like a right twit. It’s just a rat with wings, I know.

But to me, she was a pet, not a pest.
Well, most of the time 😉

Sure, I know now how much pigeons crap. (It’s an endless supply, I kid you not). Not something I knew I needed to know.

But I also know how affectionate she can be. Calling out a pigeon-hello whenever I walk into the room after being at work all day.

I now know how ballsy a girl-pigeon can be when she’s nesting / worried about her family (even tho they’re just unfertilised eggs) ..

And how they fluff themselves up to look “big, bad an’ scary” when they’re scared or indignant about something..

Maybe she reminds me of me?
Who knows.

All I know is she’s out there in the cold, as night falls. And she’s never been outside before, alone. She’s always had a nice cover, a warm cage and a full belly. And tonight she’ll have none of these.

She’s outside. She’s scared. She’s alone. She’s lost.. I’ve just shut the sliding door to the balcony. Leaving her cage out there, with full food and water containers and the lights are on.. just in case..

Shit 😦



  1. I have faith she’ll find her way back to your balcony. She will have found somewhere safe to roost up for the night and will be back tomorrow for breakfast!


    • Here’s hoping Kimmie 🙂 I had a very sleepless, long night waiting for dawn.. it’s almost light enough for pigeons to be mobilising so I’m keeping an eye out from now..


    • How right you were too 🙂


  2. You’ve heard of Homing Pigeons. Wonder if she could have had an urge and instinct to fly back to HB?


    • Yeah James it’s possible. She needed 3 months to fully home to my apartment and she’s only had 7 weeks. I am going to HB today, which is partly why I am freaking out so bad. I won’t be here if she comes to the windows .. I have a housesitter who will be working during the day / won’t know what to do. Was just tasked with replenishing food and water, not trying to catch or entice an escapee pigeon 😦 If she did make it to HB at least I would be there to feed her / grab her when she arrives (if it’s in the next 10 days any way!) .. Who cries over a flipping pigeon. Sheesh..


  3. Hugs to you Joan. I hope she comes back to you soon. Keep us posted. I feel all sad for you though. I have done that with many of my kids pets that have gone and I worry like anything about them. KooKoo will probably find you again when she checks it all out. xx


    • Thanks Janet. I’m exhausted (sleepless night or when I did sleep I had nightmares) and sad and leaving for HB in a couple of hours .. what a rotten start to a weird ol’ week this is huh.


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