Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 2, 2011

Emotional cripple – that’s me!

I have bleeding blisters on my hands, a headache from lack of coffee, an excruciating back injury from lifting a box of books that (turns out!) was a tad too heavy for me to lift.

I’ve spent 4 nights sleeping (badly) on the floor on a mattress .. (well, no that isn’t entirely true – 2 nights were on a couch, so the mattress is pure luxury!) and I have a few more to go yet.

I can’t get rid of the stench of ash in my nostrils.. I’m cold. Hungry. Tired. And I’m alone..

Someone hand me that tiny violin that I know is playing *just* for me?
Ta ..



  1. Come back to Wellington! Wish I could help you Joan. Give me a call if you want someone to talk to. Hugs xx


    • Thanks Janet, I’m OK just tired and frazzled lol We’re gonna catch up when I get back tho k .. Pottsy is on taxi duty! Maybe he can come get you after work and we can have a chillax at my place 🙂


  2. god!! you alright?


    • yeah thanks, was having a pity party .. could you tell 🙂


    • lol yes thanks .. just having a meltdown moment then 😉


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