Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 3, 2011

Chaos abounds!

Some years ago I used to have a huge collection of quotes I’d gathered from websites, books and magazines.. An all time fave is this one: “If you’re going through hell .. don’t stop“.

Right now I have a whole lotta ‘stuff’ going on in my world, not really enough to call it hell .. unless we were wanting to be melodramatic..

But looking at the empty wine bottle beside the laptop and the last tragic (read: pathetic) entry on my blog – clearly it can get a little chaotic every now and then being inside my head. Who knew 😉

Ah well ..

It’s now circa 5am. I woke @1.50am (I just don’t sleep well in this house.. never have ..) and I’ve been sitting by the fire on my tatty old couch, (thank goodness for the fire cos it’s freeeeeezing here in HB tonight!) with dorkboy curled up at my feet. The epitome of cosy!

I’m putting off drinking an instant coffee *sigh* and I guess – by writing this post – I’m also putting off further sorting and packing – clever eh!

But anyway, enough of this procrastination. The heater should have warmed up the spare room – I’m going in..

If you don’t hear from me in awhile send help (or pizza and shiraz at least..) I’ve used this room as the “stick it in there I’ll sort it later” room.

Well damnitall, later has arrived!



  1. Hi Joan… I know how you feel. I have a room like that – every weekend I think I will sort it – but another week goes by. It is in the too hard basket! Can you not leave it till you feel better and your back doesn’t hurt? Whatever you decide – good luck! Big hugs. xx


    • I can feel smug now Janet, it’s done .. took me 4 hours with no breaks… except for the odd msg on my crackberry .. but it’s now done … amazing how much junk we can accumulate isn’t it ..


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