Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 4, 2011

My “week off” continues ..

As I type this I have bleeding hands (bloody blisters), rough skin (cleaning  chemicals), my feet are throbbing, my back aches despite codeine and nurofen (damn kryptonite books!) and for some reason my eyes ache too (!?)

I’m too tired to even think about cooking myself some dinner. Tonight’s tea will be a faceful of pillow..

Why am I so tired?

Well, I slept in .. didn’t get up til 6am which was cool. And very ness, since I’d been up since 1.50am the morning before ..

1st job for today was emptying the garage of 8 or so years of junk (there are some pretty upset dust bunnies out of a home tonight!). I then cleaned it all, swept, washed etc and started the process of setting up for the garage sale next weekend.

I have 4 piles.

1 – stuff for CJ, as some things in there are hers or would be useful to her.
2 – stuff to sell.
3 – stuff to take back to Wgtn with me.
4 – stuff to throw away cos I have no idea quite why it’s even there.. Or what it is, sometimes LOL

In my breaks from that rather tedious task, I scrubbed the shower and loo in the garage and scared away umpteen million spiders + their webs ..

I also figured out how to move an armchair thru a narrow doorway. Remove the feet. Who knew? I’m so smart …

When that got boring I re-did the living room windows / sills / frames so they now are gorgeously glowing, oiled and beautiful. Made a helluva mess of the windows but they needed cleaning anyway, what the heck!

Then I dragged everything I’d packed from the 3 bedrooms out into the dining room and CJ + a friend came over and helped me cart everything out into the garage so the entire house can be cleaned from top to bottom.

Damn. Now my garage is full again! ARGH! Oh wait .. the bedrooms are all empty, phew that was a bit scary 😉

As I read this I think to myself – really, is that all you got done today? But it was a lot, honest ..

Oh yeah and today’s lesson learned? When you’re feeding the fire and something falls off the fireplace handle: DON’T PICK IT UP .. May we all say “Owtch”!
I have burns on top of blisters now, lol

PS what’s so gutting about these pics? 8yrs ago they were painted with white paint and I sanded, scrubbed, cleaned and stained them back to their natural beauty. That fell by the wayside in recent years, let’s just say. Good to get them back up to scratch now tho!



  1. And just for the record… why am I spongebob squareface?


    • because it’s the special face I give to all trouble makers I know? *grins*


  2. And by the way, sorry to hear about your burns on your blisters! And what the hell are you pillow biting for…? You have a phone… CeeJay bring over the shark ‘n’ tatie!


    • Lmao CJ is my rep at the full on family Father’s day dinner. I’m too tired / sore to be sociable .. and .. yeah well.. just too tired .. The burnt blisters thing kinda sucks lol


      • Lets just hope she took a doggy bag then… not saying you’re a bitch or anything, you understand!


  3. Wow you did heaps… and those window frames and sills are gorgeous. Well done you! Now that you are in the swing of it, my address is…


    • Lmao @ YOUR ADDY .. be there soon k .. grins..


      • Right you are then mate!


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