Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 13, 2011

Cee Jay Spiller – my “baby”

Blogs are online scrapbooks, when you stop to think about it. Each year special things take place in our lives i.e.: birthdays, graduations, 1st teeth, 1st steps – and most of us take pics and then (some of us) scrapbook them, for a hobby.

For me this blog is the chance to share recipes with anyone, but also it’s a chance to share snippets of my life as and when the mood takes me.

The mood is taking me .. back 20+years now .. as we approach CJ’s 23rd birthday in a couple of weeks time.. Last year I posted this birthday blog entry and made CJ cry. Not nice, I know.

This year I’ve decided to do something a bit different. I’m going to dredge back thru’ the memory banks and recount the hellishly awful first few days of CJ’s life.

Hellishly awful cos the lil brat clearly didn’t want to be born – it took 2 and a half days of hard labour to convince her she should venture forth!

Now those who knew me back then, know that when I learned I was pregnant, I was scared as hell. I’d been advised by doctors that I was too sickly to have children for some many years having spent the previous 5 or so years of my life in hospital more than out of it .. And they were sure I was going to remain sickly.

They were wrong, fyi – I chose to get healthy despite them 😉

All those dire warnings came to mind tho, when the lab tech said “congratulations, you’re pregnant!” And so it was with almost grim determination, I set to ‘growing’ a healthy human.

I stopped drinking coffee, tea or alcohol. I just drank water. I ate nothing but healthy, wholesome foods (except when the odd craving kicked in and I munched my way thru’ the NZ Herald but we won’t go there k) ..

The way I saw it, I was obliged to do my best to ensure the human I was growing was healthy. Or was given the chance to be, anyway.

I did affirmations – talking to the growing baby. Every single day. I played music via my ‘walkman’ (to this day CJ loathes my music .. rotten kid!) I read poetry, I didn’t swear, I didn’t do anything that might somehow negatively impact on what was going on inside me.

Those were 9 loooong months 😉

I was “made to have babies”, my obstetrician told me. I was positively glowing the whole time. Occasional morning sickness gave way to total and utter delight at what was going on inside me.

Tis fair to say the miracle of life really blew me away.

During my pregnancy, my husband and I moved house. He lost his job, luckily he got another (There was tension!) I fell down a flight of stairs one icy morning. I caught a bus into town each day and worked 8.5 hours .. in very high heels (the 80’s, nuff said). I was unstoppable.

Then came the day (or evening, as it was ..) it all started ..

See the next post, so this one doesn’t become too long to read..I plan to type in the notes verbatim from my diary. Yes, I kept diaries and when I say kept – I wrote AND kept them!

CJ at 3 weeks old, in a shawl made by my Nana Corinne (pic taken at 5 Kennedy Rd.. the ancestral home..)


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