Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 14, 2011

Are we there yet?

So I found my 1988 diary the other day in a box of ‘stored’ goodies. This diary is largely focussed on my pregnancy with CJ and chronicles my emotions as well as my actual activities .. Let’s skip thru the boring bits and head straight to D-Day .. or D-week perhaps:

17 Sept 1988 “I wonder when this baby is going to come out, I sure hope it’s not too much longer”.
18 Sept 1988 “I think this baby is going to be terribly spoiled, what with family, friends and goodness knows who else!”

I’ll say one thing about having babies – it was like Xmas! Gifts arrived every day in the lead up (and after) to her arrival. It was awesome!

19 Sept 1988 “Still no sign of baby’s arrival. Very active tho which is good”.
20 Sept 1988 “Well, no sign of JR. Still active. I feel fine”.

I’m reminded that at this stage of course, you’re seeing the ob-gyn every week and they’re obsessed with “activity” as a measure of how happy the baby is in these final days.. I’m also reminded that we had our dates out  by approx. 2 weeks, hence my wondering when the heck she was ever gonna be born!

21 Sept 1988 “Baby still hanging in there. Active. But no sign of any labour. I do hope it’s born soon though!” As an aside, the Seoul Olympics were on. I know cos I spent many a wakeful night watching them about this time..

24 Sept 1988 “Having lots of braxton hicks contractions but nothing seems to be happening yet.”
25 Sept 1988 “Still heaps of contractions. Where’s the baby!?”

26 Sept 1988 starts like this:

“Well what a day (and night!) Felt blah all day .. didn’t really have any contractions that I noticed though. Spent the day doing nothing except make dinner for my now ex husband, CJ’s Father.

Just as he was turning the lamp off my waters broke. At first I thought I’d done the unthinkable (lost bladder control.) Then it dawned on me! I leapt out of bed (with remarkable ease for someone heavily pregnant) called Mum and Dad, then raced to the hospital ..

After some ‘inspection’, they said I was 2cm and to go home. What a total anti-climax. Went home.. Tried to sleep. Made a picnic hamper of goodies in case we spent ages at Waitakere.

Little did I know that contractions and eating egg sandwiches .. mm’no, not happening. Bless my innocence, it was all about to be shattered to smithereens! The nurses enjoyed the hamper of goodies thru the days that followed tho 🙂



  1. hi Cathy – thanks for the note.. I don’t see where I can add a link on my page, can you explain pls?


  2. Am loving reading these posts, keep going! 🙂


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