Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 19, 2011

Rites of passage .. a rant!

Last week saw me helping CJ move into her new digs. Digs is a good word cos that sort of sums up the state of the place .. dig to find something not disgusting grr.

I think we did well to only have “words” once .. That took place when I asked the movers to put everything back in the truck and slagged off her ghastly neighbours (who were within ear shot .. yes, it was deliberate!)

She asked me to kindly STHU (with that tone that told me she meant it) so I kept cleaning whilst biting my lip .. (damn near til it bled!)

Some 40 combined hours (her and I) later, along with $287.31c of cleaning products, freshly laundered curtains, some new mats, plants, artwork and other stuff .. the place almost looked nice.

CJ kept slogging even when I was at my own place doing my thing.. And by the time I returned to Wellington last week, the place looked awesome.

But this whole experience got me to thinking .. as I scrubbed, scoured and tried to get things less than disgusting. Why do slumlords oops landlords – not clean a place up before their tenants move in?

Surely, if you have a scummy looking place, odds are you’re going to “appeal” to scummy types. Or rather: NOT appeal to less scummy types?

Is it laziness? Greed? They just don’t care? A combination of all these things? 

Whatever it is, I think it’s disgusting and I had to resist the urge very strongly to call up her landlords with the photos I took and call them on it. Again, CJ gave me a look that suggested this was not a wise thing for Momma to do.. grr

Oh and for those of you who suggest it’s a ‘rite’ .. an experience that she must go thru – to you I say “bollocks“.

No one in NZ should have to a) live in unhygienic circumstances with mould and bugs and whatever else or b) funding the debugging & spending days cleaning up after the last filthy scumbag tenants.

Especially as most people cannot afford several hundred dollars of cleaning products so have to opt for option a.

And shame on you if you’re one of those landlords. If it was your kids or family – I am willing to put money on it you’d not let them live in such a state. Why is it OK for other people to do so?

This is the bath plug .. AFTER I scrubbed it in bleach and domestos and exit mould *sigh*



  1. Eww eww eww that’s gross. How can landlords get away with it? Don’t they do a check when the previous tenant leaves? That’s disgusting!
    Am sure CJ and you would have it sparkling.


    • they claimed it was all done .. which is landlord speak for “we don’t care, just pay our rent”.. jerks.


  2. You forgot to mention the Scabies medication and anti-fungal cream left in the bathroom cupboard by the previous tenants lol yuck!


    • Yeah well I thought if I was to list all the terrible things about your new house you’d a) Not speak to me again and b) No one would come visit ya ever *grin*


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