Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 21, 2011

Hot sauce – Recipe

Yes I know: I do like to growl at people who don’t “make stuff from scratch” and yes, I know: this is a recipe made up entirely of stuff that isn’t made from scratch. Sue me 😉

You see, I was running out of food during my stay in Hawke’s Bay last week – whilst moving houses etc and on my last night there had the following items in the fridge:

2/3 jar of chilli paste
1/4c sun dried tomato pesto
A few tablespoons of tomato paste
2 over ripe tomatoes
1/3 red capsicum
2 small onions
1 red potato

In the freezer I had some slightly freezer burnt pastry sheets. Of course I had salt, pepper and oil in the cupboard and rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage in my herb garden.

What to make!?

Firstly I consumed the perfect amount of red wine to enable “inspiration”. Then I set to using up these ingredients!

I ended up having a very tasty (feisty!) pizza of sorts, but what I want to list as the recipe here is my home-made (ish) hot sauce!

I softened 1 onion in a little oil, added the garlic and capsicum (finely diced / equal sized pieces) and cooked it all down in some rice bran oil. Then I added the tomatoes (diced), pesto, paste and the entire jar of hilli paste.

I cooked the lot on low, stirring often for 10 mins. Done – instant hot sauce!

It’s sweet, it’s hot, it’s tasty! It’s so good! (So much better than it should be!) Last week I used it as the base for palmiers with cheese, onion, olives and this sauce as the flavour punch.

Today I used it for a pizza sauce, topped with sliced garlickly potatoes, sliced onion and grated cheese.. Yay for new recipes using leftovers 😉



  1. Hi Joan – ring me. I NEED your famous melt-in-the-mouth chocolate log recipe. Besides, it would be nice to touch base. Claire Miller 021 273 9450


    • lol .. Claire, hello! I have flicked you a text k ..


    • lol .. Claire, hello! I have flicked you an email, k ..


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