Posted by: Joan Spiller | September 27, 2011

Kapiti Artisan Breads (aka I WIN, I WIN!)

A few texts & phone calls later – I got my prize! What am I talking about? See the subject line? mmm .. (and may we all say MMM) I lucked in and won a bunch of bread from these lovely people and it arrived today ..

Not meaning to gloat but see that? It’s mine .. And no, I don’t want to share!

The staff of life. No 2 ways about it..

Bit like Xmas, the box was carefully (but with much excitement) carved open..

For scale of the box of goodies – see the avocado beside it? Yea, it’s a big one! The box AND avocado!

I think they’re messing with me. This isn’t a box, it’s fort knox!

Excitement is building!

Eventually, I get into fort knox and voila: ALL is revealed!


I sure plan to – thank you all so much Sandy and everyone at Kapiti Artisan Breads, you rock!



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