Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 6, 2011

Bus Drivers suck

I saw a bus go by today with “Driver under instruction” on the front signage and wondered .. what *was* the tutor telling him? From my experience of being a passenger on many buses here in Wellington using the yellow “No Bus” company oops GO .. my bad ..

I imagine it’s something like this:

  1.  Stop the bus so quickly at intersections that someone on board falls over – 2 points.
  2.  Drive the bus using the clutch so irregularly that no one can possibly keep in tune – 3 points.
  3.  Seeing that guy run toward your bus and shutting the doors as he’s within 3 feet – 5 points
  4.  Drive yourself off the electric cables so everyone on board (and behind you!) is late – 7 points.
  5.  Ignore people who stand in the doorway politely asking if you go on X route. No matter what, do not even acknowledge them – 10 points.
  6.  Going an alternative route to one you have on your “screen” in the front of the bus? 12 points.
  7.  Hitting a pigeon – 15 points.
  8.  Hitting a human – 20 points.
    Kill them .. 200.
My guess is they all failed parking warden school?


  1. I’d like to be a bus driver. But only when I have PMT.


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