Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 23, 2011

2011 Rugby World Cup

Never would I have imagined I’d ever do a post about Rugby but here it is.. CJ was commenting to me the other day that it’s like Xmas – you just can’t escape it! Everywhere you turn there are banners, flags and assorted paraphernalia reminding you that there’s some rugby games on somewhere in NZ.

NZers are (allegedly) obsessed with Rugby. And for the most part, I think that could be a fairly accurate statement. Back in the 80’s I used to go to Eden Park and watch games with CJs father. He was a fanatic, I just enjoyed the corporate boxes 😉

That said, I still recall the furore after the RWC in 1995. It was such a tense, tight game! NZ lost, then came the allegations of deliberate food poisoning. Didn’t someone get killed or seriously injured in a game? And then there was Nelson Mandela handing the cup over. It was epic, no two ways about it.

CJ had a ‘sickie’ from school and I took her to the ticker tape parade where the team were hailed as heroes for all that we lost. I was quite proud of NZ @that time. Cos we can be sore losers as a nation. Such is the passion and intensity of interest in this national past time.

Fast forward to 2011 and Rugby fever has hit NZ bigger than I can ever recall before. I even got carried up in it and went to see a game here in Wellington at the “cake tin” / stadium. Was hoping Sth Africa would win, but alas it was Aussie who took the win. Not sure it was even remotely worth the $500 price tag but it was a good game for all that.

Tonight I am heading down to the fanzone in Wellington with some friends where we will sit and chew our nails whilst watching, waiting and hoping for an All Black win..

We wantses it: 

It’ll be nice to have something positive going on in NZ for awhile, it’s been a rough year here what with quakes, oil spills and such.. Here’s to our boys in black!



  1. Well thank goodness they did it, huh! That was a nail biter. ONE penalty and we could all be in a totally diff mood this morning!


  2. Well said Joan. You just can’t help to look around at all the support and excitement over the RWC and be proud to be a New Zealander. I sure am.


    • Nice to have something positive in NZ, we’ve had a rough year huh!


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