Posted by: Joan Spiller | October 27, 2011

iWant iWant – Me, Me, Me!

So back in September some of you will recall me getting a bit pissy with my blackberry and all excited about the hype around the new iPhone – finally deciding that iHad to have one.

Of course, then we were subjected to the faux-release – and I confess, this kinda took the wind out of my sails – but worse: it took me back to a conversation I had with an Apple products salesman some years back:

“Do you take good care of your phone?” was one of his questions.

Whilst uttering that sentence, he fixed me with one of those beady eyed stares as tho somehow he knew I was a phone-dropper from way back ..

And so iShamefacedly (is there such a word?) left the store clutching my old, yet faithful batphone, vowing never to darken that store’s doorstep ever again.

Underterred, (I want to be a part of the iSet for reasons as yet unclear to me except they all seem so so cool), iMade a pact with myself in order to feel slightly less naughty when I get myself an iPhone.

You know those baby training classes we hear of – where teens are given an egg to take care of (and apparently boiling it before taking it isn’t allowed) for x period of time, to make them see how tricky it is having a baby to care for.

Well I made a deal with myself that I must go 1 month – 30 consecutive days – without dropping my blackberry.

And each time I drop my bat(tered) phone the clock goes back to day 1.

WHEN I can say I’ve done my 30 days, then iWill get myself an iPhone.

At the rate I’m going, iWill not have an iPhone until they release iPhone 50 – cos I’ve dropped my poor blackberry twice already today (so I’m now in negatives!)  But iWILL get there .. one day .. some time .. soon ish ..




  1. There’s always a bright side, if you are a dropper (and a Spiller) then all you need to do is get on eBay and buy some of the great cases you can get for iPhones! I have a stash of cases (so cheap to buy) from eBay and change them with my mood. Have had no problems when I’ve dropped my phone 🙂


  2. Too funny! I could not be trusted with one either…my husband has one though so I like to think that maybe I am cool by proxy.


    • ooh yes I hang out with people who have them .. and they “swish and swipe” (tossers heheh) all over their screens and I stab at the keys on my blackberry trying to feel even remotely cool.. SIGH ..

      I take pleasure in asking anyone with an iphone “does it annoy you how the screen gets all finger-printy” (in an innocent, genuine tone) that does seem to piss most people off so feel free to try it some time .. 😉


  3. iHope you do get your iPhone.

    My wife and I have held out for quite a while. We have ‘dumbphones’ and always have.

    We’re making the switch to smartphones this month! Already bought a case so when it’s **screech*** dropped, they’ll be less damage.


    • heheh@ screech .. Good luck, let me know how you go cos the rate I am going, you’ll have had yours for years before I get mine *burn*


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