Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 1, 2011

I cannot possibly imagine life without ..

Someone asked me this today, in jest admittedly .. but it got me to thinking: What could I possibly not imagine my life without? Tis fair to say it’s a short list.

I can imagine my life without many things. Flies. Rent. Rates. Tax. Bus drivers. Managers. Pigeon Shit. Flat batteries. Annoying people. I can even imagine my life without things that I like. Gnocchi from Duke Carvell. Red wine. Roberto. Fresh flowers. Overpriced butter in silver foil. Sunshine. Friends.

I cannot, however, for a single moment, imagine my life without CJ. Ya know every now and then you do something incredible in your life .. (and you hopefully realise it!?) Well in my case .. I got the chance to bring something kind of wonderful into the world again. For whatever reasons.

Not sure who needed to learn what – her or me.

But oh wow..

To anyone who hasn’t had a child that they adore beyond comprehension = to you I wish the opportunity should you seek or deserve it. Not to indulge and spoil, but to cherish in awe and with wonder.

And to those who have the opportunity but kill it .. by any number of means (literal or other) I say to you – I’m sorry. Because you are so missing out on (or destroying) something .. incredible.

I for one, am so grateful (and surprised!) that I got the chance to be guardian to something so wonderful as Cee Jay.

And CJ .. I miss you. Get the hell outta Tauranga, rescuing birds and stuff and come live with me in Wellington will ya?

Or have fun, live and omg go gettim … But skype often 😉

I love you, kiddo. You rock my world and always have.




  1. Reblogged this on Because life is for the living.. and commented:

    haha I just found this entry from back when CJ was working on the Rena shipwreck!


  2. I knew you were going to say CJ! What an awesome mother you are… you are both so cool. I know what you mean.
    Tons of love to you both, Granite xx


    • I’m predictable eh Janet 😉

      Takes one to know one, I say!


  3. A person would get the impression you are fond of CJ(G). You have every right to be. She is a sweetheart!


    • She’s not too bad, as far as kids go 😉


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