Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 5, 2011

It’s the weekend – WOOHOO!

Slept in (7am is a sleep in, OK!) Cleaned the house (Turn Robot Vacuum cleaner & dishwasher on) Do laundry (Put washing in machine and hit “start”) Have breakfast (Triple shot flat white) Yep, a very good day thus far 😉

It’s dawned a beautiful day here in Wellington and although I am feeling a tad jaded (thanks to ending a very long week with Steph and some very drinkable Te Kairanga Syrah) I have decided to venture into the depths of the basement of my building and drag out my bicycle which I bought here from HB.

It’s currently tucked into a corner wrapped in bubble wrap ..

Then I plan on going out for a perambulate around Oriental Parade in the morning sunshine .. before the howling gales start, as they have done every flipping day this week..


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