Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 11, 2011

Big night in – Recipe

Friday evening has arrived (and it’s been much anticipated, let’s just say!) .. My usual Friday afternoon partner in crime is in Australia, so I worked til 6pm. Most uncool.. The last thing I did was an 85 minute long meeting that started at 4pm.

Now tis fair to say I don’t normally know what the office looks like around this time of day, let alone 85 flamin’ minutes later, but we won’t dwell on that wee point .. much ..

However I did manage to suggest we move these (weekly! WTH!?) meetings to 9am and not 4pm, so all in all a good meeting. (Was a bit anxious when 1pm came up as a possible time. But luckily, 9am landed – as we say here in Wgtn nowadays..)

Anyhoo, my recipe for a big night in is as follows:

Walk into your apartment exhausted sometime after 6pm
Shoo freaking pigeon outside (she’d come inside thru the damn door I’d left open for the damn cat who’s decided he needs “outside time” these days, grrr)
Clean up ^%$#@! pigeon $#@!* (think about it .. what do pigeons do best? grrr)

Discuss feasibility of leaving door open again (ever) with cat
(Stalemate, as you can imagine)

Wash pigeon cage out

Empty cat “business” from litter tray
(I know how to show a gal a good time)

Feed KK’s brown brother boyfriend. He’s looking very tatty, do you suppose pigeons go thru a moult in Spring?

Shoo Minx off sky decoder.

Empty dishwasher.
Send Roberto off to do his thing. I love that lil robot vacuum cleaner.

Pour wine.
Think about dinner
Eat some walnut / oat crackers. My new fave snack.

Send note to friend to say “definitely yes” to lunch at her house tomorrow.

Write in blog whilst surfing thru’ programmes on mysky to see what I may want to watch.

All in all, not a shabby Friday evening – especially as it means I can be in bed early and collapse cos gosh I am pooped!

Hopefully the weekend will be long, slow and relaxing. Can’t wait ..


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