Posted by: Joan Spiller | November 30, 2011

Seriously, it’s the silly season!

So I’ve been reminiscing.. as one does, this time of year. Thinking back over jobs I’ve had and friends I’ve made. One of whom recently reminded me of “this incident”.

Personally I do not see how Xmas themed face paint can be deemed an incident but we won’t dwell on that!

You see, I’d been away on a business trip in Auckland. Our flight was delayed so the boys I was with went off and worked in the office bureau and I wandered around chatting to people I knew. The joys of being a frequent flyer, there will always be someone you know in koru!

Anyway in a corner I spotted a woman doing face painting and she was sending kids away with the most fantastic pieces of art on their faces, it was awesome! I don’t think she expected me to say “OK” when she smiled and goes “your turn” when the chair was empty in front of her but hey I’ll try anything once 😉

Imagine the look on the lads’ faces when they came back to find me sipping a nice syrah with my face fully painted like this? Priceless..

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when I boarded the flight to go home?
That was nothin’!

I went to bed that night laying very carefully on my back determined not to move and smudge the facepaint – not the best sleep I’ve ever had, tis fair to say – and then went into the office the next day (this is when that pic above is taken). It was hilarious!

During this job I “had” a couple of amusing (ish) incidents, including a particularly nerve-wracking one involving a very excited dobermann puppy in a board meeting (sigh – talk about a CLM!) but I think I will have to type them up later, for now I need to get to work ..


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