Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 15, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas ..

well actually, it isn’t – which is what I find weird this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve avoided the shops so have not been subjected to the endless carols that blare from shop sound systems from Oct til 24 Dec every year?

Which is perfectly fine but it does mean I woke this morning and went “omigosh it’s Xmas next weekend!”

Because for all I’m not a big Christmas person these days, I do have a few little things I need to achieve between now and next Sunday.

1. Must  get CJ a pressie!

2. Must get Hootie his slap up steak dinner and Minx her new catnip toy. Oh and KK needs something too. Is it weird to buy pets presents? I blame Mum – every year til she died, the pets all bought me presents so I’ve kinda gotten used to thinking it’s nerfectly pormal! 

But back to humans:

3. Must get my pod pal Judith a pressie – she let slip she’d got me something so I kinda have to, even tho I’ve known her all of 4 minutes. Sweet, really.

4. Must get Steph an engagement / Xmas pressie (just cos I want to, really) 😉

5. Grandparents are simple – flowers are already booked to be delivered! One less thing to think about..

CJ is the only one I already know what I wanna get just have to do it.. oh and Hootie (Scotch fillet, easy!) so.. permission to panic please?

You see part of the problem is that I loathe shopping, with a passion. I dislike it normally but at this time of year I cannot begin to explain to you how much I detest it. The forced bonhomie, the “Merry Christmas” 75 times before departing 1 store. The crowds jostling and spending money they probably don’t have. The queues at check outs.

And the music..

Which is odd cos I have to confess I actually LIKE Christmas carols but I dislike most that are played in the shops.. I wonder, do they have a special place that they buy their DVDs from? A compilation specialist that puts together only the nastiest, jangliest (I made up a word, hah), nails-down-black-boards songs for our aural horror?

I must admit, for all I sound disorganised, one simple thing about this year is the lunch menu! I’m quite excited..

Originally I had toyed with the idea of going out .. but instead I opted to save the $400 (for 2 .. yeah not cheap huh!) and instead shall go across to Moore Wilson’s first thing Xmas eve and will meander around buying whatever gorgeous looking things I fancy, and have an anti xmas pasto platter!

Nice to know something can be simple around this time of year.. 😉


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