Posted by: Joan Spiller | December 24, 2011

Summer on toast – Recipe

I was once asked if there was a food item I didn’t think I could live without and I had to toss up between toast and potatoes. Yes, carb-city I know. And I think in the end I said “this game is silly, I can’t choose between the two!” 😉

However, a staple fast meal of mine has always been toast. Toast with butter and a feisty chutney – heaven! Toast with a thin slice of your fave cheese and some onions on it. Nom! Toast with home-made strawberry conserve still warm from being made – gorgeous! Just there you have a 3 course meal!

But I’ve recently discovered a new fave topping. 

Avocados are in season. Tomatoes are in season. I probably don’t need to say more 😉

It’s quick, it’s simple but it’s so tasty and – even better? It’s healthy..

Get 2 slices of your fave bread and put on the bench.

Get another 2 slices of your fave bread and toast it then rub generously with a clove of garlic.

Chunk up some avocado on each slice. Lots! I would recommend a quarter of an avo per avg slice of toast.

Layer the top with tomatoes then season generously with black pepper and salt.

Drizzle with either lime infused avocado oil or lime olive oil (Village Press have the nicest, I’ve found) and scoff whilst standing at the bench because it’s too yummy to waste time walking to the table.

Now start again with the 2 bits of bread I told you to put on the bench. Yeah, there was a method to my madness! 😉  PS If you do not have tomatoes – it’s still delish without..

Summer on a plate – Enjoy!


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