Posted by: Joan Spiller | February 6, 2012

Falafel – Recipe

Most people would agree that falafel is super delicious & nutritious .. well I wanted to see if I could make it even better! A quick fossick about in the pantry unearthed some almonds, brazil nuts, *sunflower kernels, and pumpkin seeds. Also in there were some amaranth seeds and some black & white quinoa, some buckwheat and some brown rice.

A plan was hatching .. !

Reading the recipe below, it looks like a lot of effort but it really isn’t .. Actually reminds me a bit of this recipe I made up some time back too ..

I soaked then cooked 1c of chick peas and set aside to cool before pulsing in the blender, til they were a mooshy mess!

1c of brown rice was cooked with 1/2c of buckwheat and 1/2c of the mixed quinoa / amaranth added in the last few minutes (just to allow them to soften / cook). This lot was set aside to cool while I organised the other goodies!

1c of the assorted* nuts, kernels and seeds went into the food processor. As did 1 onion. A huge bunch of parsley, several cloves of garlic and the zest (skin) of one lemon.

Now mix the lot in a large bowl, seasoning well with salt and pepper .. Add the juice of 1 lemon, a slug of olive oil and then garam (chick pea) flour to bind it all together (and it’s more protein to boot!) This was my goal, to get something very high in protein and tasty at the same time!

Et voilà – done!

This mixture freezes fine ..  What I did was roll it all into patties and freeze then free flow. So I can just grab one out to thaw, when I want to make a nice salad and falafel wrap sometime!

To serve – just fry, til golden .. scatter on a wholewheat wrap with shredded lettuce, ripe tomato, red onion, relishes of your choice (and garlic aioli!) for a very filling but healthy meal.



  1. Nice variation on the falafel. I haven’t used quinoa or amaranth yet. Heard so much about them. I will give this version a go.


    • Good luck, it’s yummy and so super healthy that you do feel very smug eating it 😉


  2. These look full of goodness 🙂 x


    • They are super duper high in everything good lol a little gritty but I expected that due to the seeds. Freezes well too!


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