Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 2, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things ..

No, I’m not talking about my coffee machine, CJ or red wine! I’m talking about the basic things I simply cannot handle running out of in my pantry! This is bought about by the fact that I decided to clean mine out this morning and realised I was maybe .. just maybe .. a bit of a food hoarder ..

Not really .. For me, everything in there is stuff that I use regularly. Be it my fave valrhona cocoa powder, a large tub of Genoese pesto or the oh so delicious Village Press olive oils.

Nothing in my store cupboard is old or languishing there just because I got it one day and have never used it.

But that did get me to thinking, what are the essentials for me when it comes to the store cupboard? If I didn’t have such ready access to gorgeous ingredients, which items would I miss the most?

For me, the following are what I consider “staples” in my pantry:

Stock (store bought or home made, in the freezer)
Oil – An assortment (see pic of my fave cupboard!)
Coconut cream – For those quickie curries
Vinegar – Again an assortment
Beans – Canned or dry. They are very versatile (I incl chick peas and lentils in this!)
Tomatoes – Canned tomatoes used to offend me  now I’m totally into them!
Rice – Basmati, Jasmine, Brown and Arborio
Pasta – I have to confess, sometimes I can’t resist a nice mac & cheese so elbows do it for me as a store cupboard item..
Nuts – Pecans, walnuts, almonds, pine – useful in so many dishes
Spices – Of course! This includes assorted mustards, salts and peppers
Flour – SR, White, 00, Brown, Garam, Corn .. I have the lot “just in case”
Sugar – At last count I had 8 kinds but really, 1 or 2would do.. if I had to ..;)

As well, if I do not have milk, cream, cheeses (right now I have feta, cream, parmesan, tasty, haloumi, edam, gruyere, pecorino and blue in stock) free range eggs, NZ garlic and white or red (ideally both!) onions plus an assortment of wine in my house on any given day there is something horribly wrong with the world..!

So, what items do you have or need in your store cupboard that you simply cannot imagine not having available to you .. ?

One of my most used selection of goodies in the pantry (above) ..



  1. Ah………..reminds me of how excited you would get when your mom cleaned out her huge walk in pantry and you got the excess.


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