Posted by: Joan Spiller | March 15, 2012

Mee Goreng – Recipe

The flavours, freshness and fragrance of Asian food (plus an abundance of vegetarian options!) means it’s always been a favourite of mine but at the same time, it always seemed a bit complicated or scary to cook.

Mostly, I think because it involved ingredients that were (forgive the pun) foreign to me.

A cooking class last year followed by a couple more this year has seen my fear evaporate and if anyone ever wants to unravel the “mystery” of Asian food, check out this place!

Anyway, one of my all time favourite meals is Mee Goreng. I particularly like it to mop up red wine .. And so it is I can sometimes be seen lurking outside KC takeaway or KK Malaysia as they whip up a $10 bowl of super feisty noodles and veges for me.

And now I can whip it up for myself – and easily,  because it really is SO simple! To make it you will need the following:

200g fresh noodles (you know the lil bags you can get in the chiller at new world or Moore Wilson’s? If you can’t find them apparently egg noodles are ok too)
130g chicken cut into bite sized pieces – omit for vegetarian option
1/2 small onion (I would use the whole onion)
1 clove garlic
1 slice (yes, just a slice – it was spot on) fresh ginger
1c bean sprouts and thinly sliced cabbage (mixed, so only 1 cup in total)
1/4c water (or more as required to loosen the noodles)
1T hoisin sauce
1/2t curry powder* <– see pic
1/2t chilli powder (I like it hot – if you want it mild use 1/4t)
1t best quality soy sauce

Prepare all the ingredients first because this takes all of 5 minutes from the time you cook the onions!

Finely slice the onion, garlic and (peeled) ginger.
Put 2T oil in a wok or pan then cook the holy trinity until the onions are coloured nicely. Put them into cold oil, to stop the garlic burning. Cook on low heat.. stirring as needed.

Push them up the side of the wok or pan then cook your chicken for a few minutes. Add in the curry, chilli and hoisin (you can use oyster if you prefer) sauce, frying for 30 seconds.

Add the water then stir in the noodles and simmer til the liquid has been absorbed. Stir occasionally.

Toss the cabbage and bean sprout mixture in, stir fry for 1 minute then the soy sauce immediately before serving.

It’s THAT simple ..

This is considered a single serve but you’d wanna be pretty hungry, that said I don’t think it’s quite 2 serves ..



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