Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 29, 2012

When pasta goes bad

Oh man does it go bad! I picked up some cool pasta in Wellington last week. With this one I had a chunky sauce thing in mind.. thinking it would get inside the shapes and be all flavour and gorgeousness on the plate.. Yeah, No.

I whipped up a sauce of mushrooms, leeks and silverbeet in white wine and garlic. Added cream, parmesan and herbs then tossed it thru’ the cooked pasta.

Glug city. NO idea what went wrong. I cooked the pasta to perfection, but as soon as it was ‘sauced’ it lost the plot. And my sauce didn’t nestle .. or ooze .. or even schmoosh that well. It just kinda sat there on the plate .. lurking beside and under stodgy noodles – daring me to eat it.

CJ was eating it happily and told me I was wrong, that it wasn’t all bad. But it was eat stodge or starve after a long day at work, so I’m unsure she’s to be trusted!

Ah well, at least the toasted pinenuts I garnished the mess with tasted delicious!

In hindsight, I’ve decided this pasta maybe needs a more sticky cheese based sauce. I bought 3 ruddy packets, so time will tell!

Meantime if anyone has any ideas on how I might sauce these babies please comment so I can try them? Aren’t they cute??



  1. Aw! Sometimes that happens that the best laid plans don’t always turn out in the kitchen. We all have had experiences like that.

    As for the trofie, I think the traditional pairing is pesto because the shape lets the little pesto particles cling to it really well.


    • aw damnit pesto is my “normal” sauce for pasta, was hoping for something exotic. Hmm wonder how feijoa pasta would taste (I’m gonna answer my own question with: OMG FOUL” hahah) Do you know, even the stray dog spat out the pasta when I threw some on the lawn for the birds? THAT is how bad it was (sigh)


      • I would guess that feijoa pasta would be kind of gross.

        I can’t believe that not even the stray dog would touch the pasta. It sounds like you might have a little canine gourmand in the making. Dangerous!

        Did the birds eat it?

        My big book o’ pasta tells me that trofie are from Liguria, land of pesto. There seems tp be all kinds of permutations of it (basil/borage/lovage/any green + pecorino/Parmesan + garlic + pine nuts/walnuts + olive oil.

        I did see this one where the pasta is tossed in a sauce made with just butter, pine nuts, fresh marjoram and Parmesan with a dollop of tomato sauce or ragu on top.


      • omg yum! They all sound good lol! I have some basil struggling to survive (was -2 here at 9am!) in a pot, maybe I could finish it off in grand style with my lil pasta.. I think I actually got a video of the puppy carrying a piece of the pukey pasta around but not eating it lol will see if I can find it!! She’s very food focussed, but hopefully wont be a gourmand. We may not be friends if that happens *grins*


      • ARGH @ Feijoa pasta *gags madly* LOLOL I missed that in my earlier comment 😉


      • I was trying to think of the most disgusting thing ever. Feijoa-banana lasagna!


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