Posted by: Joan Spiller | May 30, 2012

Animal abuse – Time for a rant!

As I type this post I’m looking across the room at a 25lb bundle of pain, fear and nerves laying atop a soft fleecy mat. She has no name.  But she does have a full belly.

She’s had multiple washes using the “anti itch” / sensitive skin treatment I picked up at the vets. She’s been brushed. Lots. She’s had play time. Lots. She’s had cuddles. So, so many cuddles. She’s just kinda had a day of being ..

Of being allowed to be a young and boisterous pooch. Of exploring. Of loving. Of being fed. Chewing on a bone in the sunshine. Of chasing a ball. Or cats and pigeons (hmm!)

All of these are something I’d say she’s entitled to .. but tragically, something she’s clearly never ever experienced in her short life 😦

In the pic above her tail is wagging so fast it’s a blur. She was just sitting at my feet wanting a pat a few hours after we’d ‘met’.  How sad is that?

For reasons I can’t explain, I “suddenly” decided to go for a drive yesterday afternoon. I’d been out twice already, I’d had CJ over for lunch and was kinda OK with staying home for the remainder of the day to do some chores ..

But something made me go out and not more than 5 mins into my drive I found this sad little creature running for her life down the street (in and out of cars), no collar .. stressed and unhappy ..

I pulled over and watched. Something told me she wasn’t just a happy pup escaped from her yard.

I called her to me. We stood in the middle of the street as she assessed me and I tried to get her near me .. Sadly, it wasn’t THAT hard, she was so scared of humans that she dropped  to her belly and lay on the road as I ushered cars past us and tried to tell her I wasn’t going to hurt her by ESP or any means that I could 😦

Eventually, she came crawling across the road to where I had tried to entice her .. I then convinced a nice utilities man working nearby to lift her into my car. Not because she was heavy or big but because I was pretty sure she was so stressed she’d lash out.

I hope the bite on his hand isn’t too bad *grin*

Fast forward a few hours and she’s been to the vet, visited CJ (who lives by the vet) and we’re at home having her first shower and shampoo to get rid of the mange & fleas she’s infested with.

She’s not loving ALL this new found attention (esp the shower!) but she’s kinda OK with the fact she’s  been fed and isn’t being beaten or having a rope around her neck cutting thru her fur 😦

Call me naive or whatever, but the picture above makes me angrier than I can explain. Sure, I’ve always been a sucker for animals. But you know what? I kinda have this deal that I figure humans – as the allegedly “superior” race – have an obligation to treat other creatures with some sort of respect.

Be it appreciating that steak on your BBQ or feeding a pet that you CHOSE to bring into your life. They’re alive and as such, have a right to be treated well. If you can’t do this then at least man up and dispose of them humanely but do not mistreat, abuse or neglect them.

That is evil and I hope that you will one day get what is coming to you.

Anyway, here’s a pic of her scared but somehow hopeful – a few minutes after she’s bitten the utilities guy and been plonked in my car.

As I said before, she has no name .. nor do we know more than “she’s a bitzer” from the vet. She sure as heck isn’t microchipped (yet!) and she’s not as healthy as she should be.

But what I do know is she’s curled up sleeping but alert (not for her the relaxed sleep of a cherished pet) in her new living quarters and honestly? She’s gonna be fine.

I know this but I still want to cry and / or smash things when I think of the many, many months she’s spent miserably unhappy, wondering why. Or just being unhappy. And as also stated, I look fwd to the day the cretins who had her get theirs.

Meantime, if anyone has a neat name suggestion for a girl pup of <20 months please do let me know! Right now it’s a toss up between Molly, Lucy and Bella. What do you think?



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  2. How about Ginni for the dog name? Or Ginger? She is lucky to have found you.


    • WOO are you stalking me? I had GINNY as a name because of the Ginger thing. COOL lmao!!


    • OK now see *I* wanted to call her that! NO ONE would let me .. sods LOL so she is now “ROXY” (poxy roxy if she’s being naughty heheh)


      • Ginger Roxy! Keep saying it and the rest of the family will follow. If you say it often enough it must be true! 🙂


  3. It makes me so angry to think that there are people out there who would treat animals that way. She is lucky to have found you.


    • An animal, that’s helpless and dependant on humans but treated this way makes me want to cry. She’s a gorgeous (in her ugly sort of way lol) dog tho. Clearly a nice personality – she simply can’t help but beg for cuddles and kisses, it’s so sweet. I think we will be good for each other 🙂


      • She looks like a doll. I think once she gets used to being treated well, she will be even more cuddly 🙂


      • She’s a honey, no two ways about it. I was always in danger of being the crazy cat lady with a pigeon on the side, but now this just makes me crazy? Hmmm ..


      • Not crazy at all! Just someone with a big heart — and that is a good thing.


      • Crazy, big hearted – same diffs? lol ..She barked tonight for the first time ever .. then got a fright lol was so cute!


      • Awww!


  4. She is beautiful! I find it hard to comprehend cruelty….I cannot understand what could possibly drive a sane person to do such a thing to a puppy! How cold and stone hard can one heart be? Anyway….I am so happy to see she found a loving home.


    • I don’t know how anyone could or would do such a thing either! I am a believer that all things happen for a reason (even if we don’t know why!) and she was meant to be in my world and me in hers .. so for now I am just going to enjoy helping her to heal and grow into a happy dog not a scared and hurting pup.


      • I agree with you that things happen for a reason. I was just thinking that when I read that you found her on your way…. she is going to be fine. I am sure. Love heals everything!


      • I am loving watching her “heal” before my very eyes. For example: she now lays on her side spread out in the sun whereas 3 days ago she curled into a ball in a corner, when she slept. As tho she knows now she can relax without being kicked or hurt. I have to confess, we had “couch cuddles” yesterday. Very bad but what the heck, I wanted it and so did she *grin*


      • I cannot tell you how much joy you brought me. I am so happy to read your words. People who cannot love a pet, should not get a pet. I am really happy she found you!


      • I am too .. and agree, so many people should not be allowed near something that is totally dependent on them for everything. One thing I’ve realised is she would not have had a water bowl. She licks water off leaves and the lawn 😦 Even tho I have 3 out for her and she uses them .. old habits I guess. Poor baby. EX poor baby, I should say! 🙂


      • Oh, my God! Poor puppy! It is heartbreaking to think what she’s been through. I hope she forgets everything….


  5. Remembering the abused sheep story, if I were the person that use to own/ have/abuse this dog, I would not risk dropping by your house and asking for her back(G). As for a name, you might consider “Hotline” or “SOS”, usually reserved for people in trouble. CJ looks so intellectual in those glasses. Tell her HI for me.


    • LOL James I had forgotten about the sheep incident omigosh that made my blood boil. I might repost it .. that was so long ago .. and so horrible. To think of them all dying slowly, unloved, thirsty, hungry and diseased. I get enraged, there is no other way to describe it lol ..

      As for a name – I’ve got nothing! I am really at a loss, it’s most odd. She just isn’t “throwing” a name yet!? And we’re on day 2!?


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