Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 2, 2012

Introducing Roxy!

Yes, we have a name – finally. It took awhile, she simply didn’t “fit” most names nor did she display characteristics that fitted any particular name, as some pets do. Well, if we were to name her based on her behaviour, I’d have to call her chicken! 😦

Probably the thing that upsets me most about Roxy is the dreams she has. I suspect in hers, she isn’t chasing birds on a beach with a full belly. She whimpers, waves her paws and squeals in her sleep a lot, and when she wakes she looks around in total and utter terror.

I’ve taken to stroking her as it happens now to try and stop them – when I notice / am in the room with her. Which is almost always cos she’s my shadow lol

My daughter noticed it first .. actually I had too, when I think about it .. the other day I was doing the laundry and looking around thinking “where the heck is the dog” and looked down and she was right behind me. She just trails along as close as she can, it’s adorable. In a sad sort of way.

But CJ noticed that even when she is playing with the dog, 2 large sad eyes always end up in my direction as tho to check I’m not going anywhere. Cute..

As I write this, it’s a glorious sunny day in Hawke’s Bay. The sun is streaming inside and Roxy is sprawled (see the pic below, it’s not ideal but if I move to get a better shot she’ll stand up to see where I am going!) out asleep a few feet from me. It’s wonderful. Especially because when she first arrived here she’d curl into a ball in a corner and sleep. So nice to see her relaxing ..

We started basic training yesterday. Sit, stay, get on your bed and “quick quick” time (quick cos it’s cold for me standing waiting while she decides where to do her business lol) She’s got the sit thing sorted. It’s so easy training a hungry dog. Have a dog treat in your hand and they’ll do anything you ask 😉

Right, that’s the update for now .. I better go do some housework and other boring stuff. It’s very easy to put it off and stay sitting here in the sun but yeah well the week hasn’t been helluva productive since she arrived so I need to play catch .. uh catch up! 😉

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  5. Roxy is adorable. When I get my dog we should have a doggy date! I can give u yer Texas magnet


  6. Roxy is a good name Unca!!! My sister in Africa had a dog named Roxy. But he got stolen. But I suspect u will treat the dog better than her. When I buy my puppy we shpuld have a doggy date!


  7. That is the most adorable picture of Roxy snoozing! She looks like she feels so safe and comfortable. I agree with Kim: you have done a really good thing.

    And Roxy is a great name. I actually have friends who have a cat name Chicken . . . They actually call him THE Chicken. Not quite sure why . . .


    • She is so so happy, for all still easily stressed by the oddest of things. Today I went outside to scoop poop (fun .. not!) and grabbed a small trowel for the job.. As soon as she saw it, she cowered onto her belly and crawled away from me ..she’d been so happy til I picked up the weapon. How foul was that? 😦


      • Oh my gosh. Poor Roxy! I don’t even want to know what she has been through. It must have been awful. That makes me really angry, actually, to think that there are people out there who would treat an innocent animal like that. Animals are capable of so much love and affection. Why would you mistreat them?!

        I am so happy that she and you found each other!


      • You wanna see my next Roxy update, she’s AMAZING! I will try and draft it up later today or over the weekend. As I write this she is curled up on her mat at my feet. Content, warm and happy. It ROX (lol)


      • Can’t wait! I bet life with Roxy rox 🙂


  8. You’ve done a good thing 🙂


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