Posted by: Joan Spiller | June 7, 2012

Sweet potato (Kumara) soup – Recipe

So I was greedy the other day, finding kumara (sweet potato) on special, I bought 2kg. That is a LOT of kumara and I was struggling to get thru it all. What do you do when you have too much stuff in the fridge? Stew it or soup it!

Slicing the peeled kumara (approx 500g / 1lb – so not a lot) thinly, I slow roasted it in rice bran oil, in a cast iron pan with some salt and pepper. Nothing fancy. But I let them cook til melting with a touch of caramelisation going on!

Next I added an onion (in the last 15 mins, so it cooked down into the mix) as well, also near the end, I added a little (English) curry powder. Of course I also seasoned appropriately with more salt and pepper.

If I had to guess, the lot cooked for 45 mins.

Once it was cooked, I added 2c of vege stock and simmered it awhile then poured the lot into a blender. (A stick whizz would do the job but I’d made french onion soup so the blender was already out!)

To this mix, I added some warmed milk (to your preferred consistency, I used about a cup) before putting it back in a pot and allowing it to simmer some more .. maybe 10 mins, tops.

Now this would be delicious on it’s own but I had to faff with it 😉

I kept some thinly sliced kumara aside and deep fried it in rice bran oil, twice .. they were my garnish .. along with a dollop of sour cream and some chopped parsley.

CJ assures me it was delish. Let me know what you think!



  1. That looks amazing! I love the garnish. Fantastic!

    I have never cooked with rice bran oil before. What is it like?


    • Oh I use rice bran as my default cooking oil even using is as the fat in muffins and cakes! It’s AWESOME! High smoke point, tasteless and 0 cholesterol, to boot! Cheap too .. I buy it in a 2L tin and decant some into a smaller squirt bottle beside my stove! 🙂

      The soup was delicious, my Grandmother had some too and said “nom” whilst licking her lips so that’s high praise! LOL


      • You know, I was actually looking for a default cooking oil. I like to keep olive oil and something else in the house, but the something else has been kind of all over the place (vegetable oil, canola, grapeseed).

        I never thought of rice bran oil but I am totally going to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

        And a grandmother who says “Nom”? That is a great endorsement!


      • I find grapeseed spits alot – do you? I tried it (cos I liked the price!!) but hated the way it reacted so gave it up many years ago .. I use olive oil a lot but mostly in it’s raw state as a sauce or mayo or drizzle, moreso. Let me know how you find the RB oil!


      • That’s so funny! I thought the same thing about grapeseed oil but didn’t want to admit it out loud (you know, because I had this manly idea that oil is oil). But I really think it’s thinner in consistency. I shamefully went back to vegetable oil because it was the viscosity I wanted. Now I am going to check out rice bran!


      • hahah that is SO funny!! I hope you like the rice bran oil. It’s way cheaper here, is it there??


      • Ever since I read about your rice bran oil, I have been on RBO recon! I think the best place to buy it is at the Japanese grocery market. They have a bunch of different brands and it seems pretty economical because the bottle you get is so big. I am going to polish off the remains of the vegetable oil that I have, and then, I’m making the switch!


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